Sunderbans – A Perfect Travelers Delight With A peaceful Atmosphere

India is known for its majestic beauty and rich tradition and culture that attract thousands of tourists from all round the world to this place. There are so many places that can be explored by you during your trip. However, if you wish to enjoy something exciting as well as adventurous, Sunderbans can be a perfect destination for you. Known for its rich and dense wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, this place occupies a position in the USENCO world heritage site.
It is basically a dense mangrove forest which is situated at the verge of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The visitors can get an opportunity to have the amazing sightseeing of the Royal Bengal tigers as well as spot the exotic aquatic animals like Olive Ridley turtles, gangetic dolphins, lobsters etc. apart from wildlife, there is much more that can be explored by you during your vacations.

Reaching Sunderbans
There are several ways in which you can reach Sunderbans. If you are looking forward to go via airways, you will have to land in the capital city of Kolkata. Sunderbands is just a few kilometers from this place. This place is well connected to other parts of the world roadways and railways and the tourists can easily reach in here.

Major attractions

1. Exploring the wildlife
Exploring the wildlife

Sunderbans is known for its diverse and exotic wildlife and the tourists can surely prefer visiting the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. There are several places like Tiger Reserve of Sunderbans, Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Sajnekhali Watch Tower etc. from where you can spot the tigers, estuarine crocodiles, chitals etc.

2. Bird watching
Bird watching is another major activity that will keep your delighted in Sunderbans. The colorful birds and their chirpings can be heard almost everywhere in the mangrove vegetation. Exploring the interiors of the forests will provide you an opportunity to see a wide variety of birds. So, you can pack your bags, get a binocular and enjoy exploring the birds.

3. Tin Kona Island
Tin Kona Island

This island is one of the best places for having fun and adventure. Rich in wildlife, this place can be an amazing pot for having a sightseeing of the deer and tigers.

Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge

Accommodation in Sunderbans is very comfortable with a wide range of options from which the tourists can make a selection. The best hotels in this area include Sunderban Tiger View Point Resort, Sunderban Tiger Camp, Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge and many more.

Sunderbans is an amazing place and offers an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy the diverse wildlife. If you have never got an opportunity to see the tigers, you can surely visit this place and see one here.

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