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People may find the need to host an event at some point in their lives, at a short notice. The event can range from small leisure activities to larger commercial events. From finding the right place to host the venue to making sure that all the guests are accommodated efficiently, there is a lot of effort and time needed in order to make sure that the event is held without any hiccups. With the event master application, you can make event management much easier and stress free. With an easy to use interface and affordable costs, it is designed to make the whole process of event management simpler. The application offers a variety of features which allows its customers to:

• Efficiently consolidate all the event related activities in a single place. This involves combining all aspects of the event such as guests, attendees, sponsors, payments, invitations, etc. into a single and organized unit.

• Creation of physical passes and invitations - Using the management feature, you can create passes and invitations with codes so that you can identify and authenticate it later using simple scanners or smartphones. 

• Provide advertising - This feature is especially useful for commercial events such as concerts or fairs, where the need for promoting the event in order to attract maximum crowd is very high. Using event master application, you can efficiently manage online advertisements and promotions deal in order to provide maximum exposure for your event. 

• Setting up payments - In most events, you need an effective payment portal for aspects such as entry fee, purchases etc. This app provides the perfect and secure portal that can keep all your transactions safe and quick. 

• Contests and prizes - In order to better promote your event, you can add and organize contests and programs and keep track of the prizes to be distributed and the number of participants in the contest. 

Whether you are looking to organize a single event or want to organize multiple events, is the perfect option for you. It provides different membership plans for different types of users who are looking to make use of the application in different ways. They can thus get the complete value for money and avoid paying for anything that they are not going to use. Due to its simplicity in design and flexibility in usage, this application can be used by individuals or groups who are looking to host an event. The application has been designed and developed by many programmers, developers and marketers who have, through hard work and dedication, managed to provide the customers exactly what they need when it comes to event management. 

Using the platinum membership package in the app, you can create multiple events and coordinate it from different locations at your convenience. The company even allows their customers to cancel their accounts in case of dissatisfaction and provide refund for the number of events left on their membership. The application also provides tools for you to create and manage websites in order to promote or manage the event. The many features and benefits that the application offers make it perfect for managing and organizing events.
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