What Will Interior Painting Be Like In The Future?

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Our New Year resolutions always start with the New Year. Many of us might have planned that this New Year will bring new colors to our lives. Starting from giving new color to the interiors of our home would be a good head start. Just like you wish to close the doors to your past and open new ones, color forecasters also tell us what colors they would like to say goodbye to and welcome others. What will interior painting be like in the future? So if you are considering painting your home’s inside, you should take into consideration the trends. Let’s see what trend is generally being followed in Canada in the coming future: 

Colors are getting more vibrant than dark
People are saying goodbye to dark chocolate woody colors. For e.g. natural oak colors are favorite instead of espresso wood tones. It is time for light wooden colors which are more vibrant. People also like gray but now grey shade has given place to platinum color: beige or ivory shades being more popular. A shade of golden fawn or brown as borders is also becoming popular for internal rooms. With this basic color, people like to add earthy colors, burgundy, yellow or purple.  It looks that the interior of the Canadian homes in future will surely be alive and vivacious. 

Metal Looks
People love classic metal looks. A touch of golden or brass with light colors is going well and will be liked further. Again this should match with accessories d home appliances too. People like old looks again which were common in old industrial homes in the past. Earlier people like nickel painted lamps (covering bulbs) but now they like such accessories with golden brushes. Also trend of matching them with the door knobs and spigots just like we see in hotels these days are becoming popular at homes. If you are going for a new home designed by an architect, then surely you should have lighter flooring, with darker accessories and neutral shades of wall and golden brush on corners and other ceiling and wall accessories: Study table, night lamp, framed painting or chandeliers.

Colorful Rugs and suites to match
If you have renovated your old home and feel that changing the flooring will be above your budget, you can depend on the artistic colorful designer rugs available to cover your floors. Match them with the color of your walls.  If you feel your wall color is very light, you can go for colorful sofas, tables and chairs matching color so that it looks lively and colorful. Matching combinations would be grey colored wall and green-pink suites, or yellow colored wall and green-grey sofas and stools.

Quality of the paints
Not just the color but the composition of the paints is also an important consideration. Keeping in mind the climate change impacts we are facing, we will have to turn to eco-friendly natural paints than conventional oil-paints. Demand is increasing for low and zero-VOC paints which comparatively pollute less.

Stay updated with more information on such things and get the best trendy color ideas for your home.
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