Amsterdam – An Inspiring Place Offering A Bunch Of Enthralling Activities

Amsterdam is a beautiful place showcasing criss-cross canals, world-class museums, live music, quirky festivals, delightful restaurants and vibrant and thrilling bars. Amsterdam is one of the most exciting and amazing places that offers ultimate fun and entertainment to the visitors. This place holds the honor of being the capital city of the country Netherlands. You will surely love the culture, festivals and liveliness of this place.
Amsterdam is also known for its amazing architecture which can be explored by you during your trip. Due to its stunning beauty and liveliness this place is also known as the Venice of North.

Get in
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol serves as the only airport that offers easy access to airport. This airport receives flights from almost all round the world making it easier for the tourists to have fun and entertainment. As far as exploring the city is concerned, the visitors can hire the vehicles as per their comfort requirements.

Major attractions

1. Museums

Amsterdam is the home to a good number of museums that are surprisingly amazing. These museums are not only limited to preserving the cultural heritage of this place but there are several unusual museums that have a fine collection of handbags, information about cats, archaeology, photography and much more. However, the top notch museums that should not be missed during the trip include Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and several others.

2. Festivals
The festivals celebrated in Amsterdam are the greatest attraction of this place. There are a good number of festivals are celebrated in the city. These festivals are celebrated on different themes and range from cultural activities, music, film, art, kid’s festivals, open-air festivals, dance festivals, culinary festivals and much more. You can visit this place in the month when your favorite festival is organized and can plenty of fun and entertainment.

3. Parks and zoos
Parks and zoos

Amsterdam has so many parks which serve as the best place to enjoy a picnic and have fun. among the several parks located in the city, Vondelpark situated in south is known for its convivial atmosphere and size. There are several other parks and botanical gardens that are known for their greenery and provide you an opportunity to enjoy the sightseeing of a wide variety of plants. The Artis zoo can be amazing place for the kids to have lots of fun.

You will really appreciate the architecture, amazing beauty and fun offered by this place. Amsterdam is one of the most visited tourist destinations that attract thousands of visitors from all round the world every year.

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  1. Without a doubt, Amsterdam has a lot to offer for everyone - from budget travelers to holiday makers. I've been there twice and you can feel this vibe and charm! 400 festivals each year? That's insane!