Explore The Wonders Of Somalia During Your Vacations

Somalia is a country in Africa that has had a troubled past but with the passage of time, the country has changed to a great deal. The tourism in the country has increased to a considerable extent and it is all due to the national parks, beaches and heritage sites.
This place is worth a visit and offers a relaxing time to the visitors. This place has so much to offer to the visitors and people of different ages can easily find the activities of their interest.

Get in
The Aden Abdulle International Airport located in Mogadishu serves as the major airport for commuting to and from Somalia. In order to explore the city, you can either hire a taxi or use a bus.

Major attractions

1. Las Geel
Las Geel
Las Geel is a series of interconnected caves with Neolithic paintings that are beautifully placed on the walls of the cave. You will be surprised to see how the paintings are preserved in the cave. This place is one of the most beautiful places that deserve its name to get listed in the world heritage sites.

2. Beaches
Beaches attract the tourists towards it and serve as the best place to have ultimate fun and entertainment. The cold ocean waters, beachside activities and water activities provide the best time to the travelers. The Somali beaches are situated on the Indian Ocean and are amazingly protected by the coral reefs. The coral reefs spread from Mogadishu to Kenyan border.

3. National Parks
National Parks

There are mainly two national parks situated in Somalia each offering the home to a wide species of flora and fauna. These national parks include the Hargeisa National Park and the Kismayu National Park. The Kismayu National Park is located in the southwestern part of the country and provides an opportunity to the visitors to explore the diverse flora and fauna in the wilderness. Hargeisa National Park is located in the northern part and is known to contain the rare species which you might not be able to see elsewhere.

Hotel Bifi

There is a long list of hotels in Somalia that are known for their hospitality and outstanding services. The top notch hotels in the list include Villa Cordevigo Wine Relais, Hotel Bifi, Jazeera Palace Hotel etc.
Somalia is one of the amazing holiday destinations with pristine beaches and amazing wilderness. Exploring this place is very exciting and hence this place deserves a visit.

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