Recife, Venice Of Brazil – A Remarkable Honeymoon Destination

The word honeymoon holds utmost importance for the newlywed couples. The name itself fills energy and enthusiasm in them. These traditional holidays help them to establish a strong bond with their partners and enjoy the new relationship. The most important thing which should be kept in mind while planning a honeymoon is the selection of a suitable destination. Both the partners can discuss among themselves and finalize a location offering the interests of all. One such place which offers almost all the romantic delights is Recife.
This place is the capital city of Pernambuco, also known by the name of Venice of Brazil. This place is famous for its rich history, traditional culture, stunning beaches and cuisine. The couples can have maximum romantic moments at the various sites of the city.

Travel to Recife
Recife is the home to a modern and friendly international airport called by the mane of Guararapes-Gilberto Freyre International Airport. This airport is situated close to the city and offers the tourists an easy access to this place in a short span of time.

When to go 
Recife can be visited at any time all round the year. But if you want to enjoy the traditional festivals and carnivals, the months of February and March are considered as the best. These months offer warm climate with ample of time to explore the sites and enjoy the festivals.

Places to see

1. Boa Viagem Beach
Boa Viagem Beach

This beach is one of the best pristine beaches of the world. The white sand of this beach offers the couples to go for a walk or relax in the sun enjoying a sunbath. This urban beach also features some open restaurants offering a place to taste some delicious food of this region.

2. Military Museum at the Brum Fortress
This museum is a part of Instituto Brennand and consists of a huge collection of the weapons of both Portuguese and English. This is the place where you can view different weapons used in the battles including the guns and the cannons.

3. Convento Franciscano de Santo Antônio
Convento Franciscano de Santo Antônio

This is a baroque church built in 1588 and is considered as one of the most beautiful sites in Brazil. The architecture of this place is admirable with gold covered altar engravings, beautifully designed paintings and impressively tiled panels. The interiors are completely covered with gold.

The beautiful romantic city also offers a wide range of staying facilities. After a little research you can easily select a hotel that fulfills your requirements regarding a comfortable and romantic stay.

Therefore, Recife, the coral city is a beautiful destination offering leisure and cheerful delights to the newlyweds. This place is really awesome and deserves a visit.

Porto Alegre – Enhance Your Love In The Romantic Atmosphere Of Brazil

When you are in a process of planning your honeymoon trip, there are many places which come to your mind. Finally you feel confused in selecting your destination, though you find several places offering ideal honeymoon retreats. But if you are looking for an outstanding location, it is none other than Brazil. Porto Alegra in Brazil is a capital city of Rio Grande do Sul. This place offers everything which makes a honeymoon complete with lots romantic atmosphere and friendly inhabitants. Love is in the air of this place.
Porto Alegre
The couples coming to this place have so many options to do from exploring the dense rainforests, enjoying the picturesque scenery of the city while boating to having the pleasures of the sunsets and several beach side activities. A honeymoon at this place is the most appropriate way to convey your love.

Reaching Here
Salgado Filho is an international Ariport situated 4.3 miles from Porto Alegre. This airport receives services from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Foz do Iguacu, Curitiba, Cordoba, Montevideo and several other nations. It is also served from all main airlines of Brazil.

Major Attractions

1. Memorial do Rio Grande do Sul
Memorial do Rio Grande do Sul

This museum is one of the most populous destinations in this city. It consists of a collection of the outstanding work done by gaúcho artists. Special exhibitions based on travelling are also on display including some impressive landscapes from the nineties. The couples can visit this place and admire the work of the local artists.

2. Moinhos de Vento Park 
This beautiful park is a great place for walking and relaxing. Spread in a very large area this park also consists of a soccer field, bowl field, tennis court, gymnasium and skating tracks. You can visit this place and play some active games with your spouse. The pond present in the premises also offers a chance to play with the turtles and ducks.

3. Watch the sunset
Sunset View at River Guaiba

The most suggested place to have an amazing and romantic sunset view is from river Guaiba. The whole place is filled with golden rays as the sun starts setting in the sea. This is the most romantic moment which you can share with your partner.

Estalagem St. Hubertus

This place is filled with some best hotels and resorts offers romantic environment to the couples. There are all the amenities which are essential for a honeymooning couple and hence provide them a chance to increase their intimacy and build a strong relationship. Copacabana Palace and Estalagem St. Hubertus are the most preferred hotels by the couples for a stay.

In this article, all the necessary information regarding Porto Alegre is covered which might be required by you while planning your honey. Read this article once and have the most cherishing moments with your partner.

Saint Martin Island – An Amazing Combination Of Sea, Sky And Sand

An isolated island region with stunning natural beauty and beautiful landscapes seems to be a perfect place for enhancing the level of romance. Such a place results in developing a strong bond of love among the newlywed couples. To have an extreme level of fun including some adventures, the couples can plan their honeymoon to Saint Martin Island. This small island is famous for its outstanding 37 beaches, wonderful sightseeing, several recreational activities and bars and cafes offering good dishes and frozen cocktails.
Saint Martin Island
The Orient Bay is the major attraction of this place consisting of an underwater marine reserve and this spot is well known for snorkeling and other water related activities.

Reaching Saint Martin
Princess Juliana International Airport is the largest airport on the island and considered as one of the busiest airport of the Caribbean. The tourists can avail other inter island services through the airport located at the grand Case.

Places to explore

1. Saint Maarten Zoo
Saint Maarten Zoo

This park is one of the largest parks located on the island. There are a wide variety of animals residing in this zoo. The diverse wildlife can be explored by the couples either by going for a safari or on foot. The specialty of this place is that no animals in this zoo are kept in cages. The several residents in this place are capybaras, peccaries, baboons, ocelots and some endangered species of Golden Lion.

2. Butterfly Farm
This beautiful farm is situated near the Orient Beach and is worth a visit. You can enjoy the transformation of the caterpillars into colorful butterflies. The beauty of this garden is outstanding with little ponds and waterfalls with some rare varieties of butterflies. There are some open spaces allowing the couples to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place.

3. Pic Paradis
Pic Paradis

This mountain peak is one of the highest peaks of this island. You can enjoy a stroll across the Loterie Farm exploring its special sites and learning the history of St. Martin.

A comfortable stay is a basic requirement during a trip. So, the couples can make prior booking in the hotels to avoid any kind of hurdle. It requires some research so that the couples can find a best hotel offering the romantic atmosphere with all sorts of comforts. Some of the best romantic gateways on this island comprises of Le Petit Hotel, Hotel L'Esplanade, Turquoise Shell Inn, Princess Heights and Sol Hotel.

St. Kitts Island offers a remarkable romantic package to the couples. So explore this island without missing any of the attractions.

Planning An Amazing And Romantic Honeymoon Trip To The Sauble Beaches

A newlywed couple would love to go for a honeymoon trip full of romance, thrill and adventures. For this purpose the selection of an appropriate destination counts a lot. Sauble beach is one such perfect destination which is loved by couples for its extraordinary beaches, lively lifestyle, romantic sunsets and wonderful adventures. Located in Ontario, Canada, this resort community is a fresh water beach with sand bar deposits which keep the beach shallow and perfect for swimming.
Sauble Beaches

The couples also get attracted to this place because of the several adventures offered like water-skiing, lawn bowling, fishing, street dances, golfing, beach volleyball and the sand castle competition which is held annually. The beach is famous for its amazing sunsets.

Things to do and see

• The couples can enjoy creating their own crafts using beads, glass, pottery and paintings on the beach.
• Both of you can go exploring the rich cultural heritage of this place by visiting the local museums located in Southampton and Owen Sound. 
• Enjoying the nightlife here would be very romantic listening to the lively music at any restaurant or cafe from jazz to rock to folk whatever you like.

• Summerfolk hosted by Owen Sound is a folk music festival held in the month of August. You can enjoy this festival with your partner with lots of drink and regional dances.

• Playing volleyball on the beach courts seems so exciting for the couples.
• You can take your binoculars and go for bird watching with your spouse. Watching the beautiful and colorful birds flying in the sky is very exciting.

• You can go for paddle boating with your partner and enjoy the scenic landscapes and clear warm waters.
Paddle Boating

• You can also take a tour to the lighthouse located at the Sauble River.

Lodging and eating
There are various comfortable staying and eating facilities in this place. Some of the best hotels are discussed below.

Sauble Beach Lodge
This lodge is situated on two acres of land and offers several facilities to the guests such as swimming pool, quick access to various adventurous areas such as Niagara Escarpment and Sauble River Provincial Park. The guestrooms are facilitated with air conditioning, TV with cables and well furnished interiors.

Knight's Inn Motel
Knight's Inn Motel

Located in the Sauble Falls Parkway, this motel provides the guests with delicious food and outdoor swimming pool. The rooms are attached with a private balcony. The motel is located just a few steps from Lake Huron, which offers the couples to go for an evening walk on the beach at night. Knight’s Inn consists of the Bruce Trail and a fitness center also.

The above described adventures and the beautiful beaches make the city of Sauble Beach perfect for the honeymoon couples. So, come to this place and have cherishing memories for your future.

Plan Your Honeymoon Trip To The Beautiful City Of Bristol

Bristol is one of the most happening cities in UK. It is considered to be the largest city of southern west part of England. This city is famous among the vacationers and couples due to its vibrant lifestyle and some of the best places on the world. It provides you with an opportunity to explore the scenic natural beauty and rich cultures and traditions of the natives living here. There are various attractive destinations for the lovers where they can spend some quality time with each other, which would help them in increasing their intimacy.
The major attraction of this place is the Roman Baths. It also offers the best romantic place, Raymond Blanc restaurant where you can enjoy your dinner with your spouse.

How to reach
Bristol Airport is considered to be the main center which receives regular flights from the major cities of Europe. Other airports which serve this place include Heathrow Airport, Birmingham Airport, Gatwick Airport and Stansted Airport. These airports provide a comfortable gateway to reach the city of Bristol.

Major Attractions

1. The Roman Bath
The Roman Bath
Roman Bath is considered to be the heart of the Bristol City. It is a wonderful temple and a place for bathing built by the Romans. The bathing place is filled with natural warm waters which still flow within the pool. The couples can have a romantic bath in the hot waters and enjoy a walk on the ancient stony pavements surrounding the pool.

2. Bristol Zoo Gardens
You can visit the exciting wildlife and exotic species of the region in the Bristol Zoo Gardens. The couples can enjoy a walk across the zoo viewing the gorillas, various species of monkeys, the aquarium and the Twilight World. Close to the zoo is the Splash, an area with a waterfall where you can sit beside your partner and view the natural beauty.

3. Clifton Suspension Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge
This amazing bridge links Clifton to Leigh Woods. Visiting this place can be a great experience for you. You can enjoy the spectacular views of this place standing on the bridge.

The Brook Redwood Hotel and Country Club
The guests can enjoy a comfortable stay in this place as there are a variety of restaurants which offers best services. You can select any one of them and enjoy your honeymoon. Some of the good ones include the Brook Redwood Hotel and Country Club, Thornbury Castle and Rodney Hotel. The couples can also enjoy their dinner at the Bell’s dinner and Raymond Blanc restaurant, a place with romantic atmosphere with the music playing in the background.

Visiting the city of Bristol offers various exciting activities and amazing places to see. Therefore, it proves to be one of the best honeymoon destinations for which you can plan a trip and have cherishing memories.

Plan An Amazing Honeymoon Trip To Cincinnati

Honeymoon, the best romantic phase of life which brings two persons close to each other and fills their world with love. Thus, when the newlyweds plan for their honeymoon, they generally opt for a quiet and isolated place which provides them an opportunity to spend quality time without any disturbances. It is not necessary that you opt for an isolated place. You can also search for a destination which offers some of the romantic sightseeing with breathtaking experiences. If you love exploring some history and the wildlife, you can select Cincinnati as your honeymoon destination.
Located on the northern banks of the River Ohio, USA, Cincinnati is surrounded by some beautiful foothills which add to the beauty of the Queen City. The legendary skyline here is amazing at night if viewed from Eden Park, Devou Park or Mt. Adams.

Get in

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is the main airport which serves Cincinnati. As this airport is situated on the Kentucky side, the visitors have to cross the bridge to reach in here. Other airports which provide an easy access to this place include the Lunken Airport, Dayton International Airport, Port Columbus International Airport and Louisville International Airport.

Major Attractions

1. Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
This museum is a national historic site built in 1933. It is a combination of three museums - Museum of Natural History, Cincinnati History Museum and Science and Duke Energy Children's Museum. This combination is the reserve of the nation’s wide history which can be explored by the couples on their trip.

2. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens
This zoo holds the honor of the top class zoo of the country. You can visit this zoo with your partner and have a sightseeing of the several endangered species of the flora and fauna of this region.

3. Newport Aquarium
Newport Aquarium
This aquarium is the most entertaining underwater world of several sea animals. The couples can go to this place and see the colorful reefs, fishes, playful seals and the sharks. Observing a shark passing by you could be most exciting.

Resting Facilities
The Symphony Hotel Bed & Breakfast

The Wildwood Dome and Theme Suites
When it comes to a romantic stay, this hotel offers the best facilities. You can have the pleasure of safari-type huts and also book a theme suite room for you. The various themes offered include the Happy Days theme, the African safari theme, cave and the boat theme rooms.

The Symphony Hotel Bed & Breakfast is also famous among the couples offering a great music hall with best dining facilities and musical performances.

The amazing theme based accommodations and the stunning beauty of this place is the major attraction for the couples. Make your booking and pack accordingly to have a wonderful time.