Yosemite – Explore This World Heritage Site On Your Honeymoon

Yosemite National Park is a beautiful place full of some of the famous natural wonders. It is a destination preferred by the newlyweds for their honeymoon. This place has so much to offer from stunning landscapes and amazing waterfalls to several adventurous activities including hiking, rock climbing and wildlife viewing. This amazing park is situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, USA.
The couples can find various romantic sites like deep valleys, spectacular cliffs, fresh water streams and diverse wilderness area. All these features of this place automatically attract couples towards itself.

Get in
Fresno-Yosemite International, Merced Airport and Modesto City-County Airport are the three main airports which provide an easy access to the park. All of these are located a few miles away from the park. Hence, allows the visitors to easily reach their destination.

Major Attractions

1. Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley is the most popular site for impressive waterfalls, cliffs, wide meadows and spectacular rock formations. This valley is also famous for the Half Dome which is a granite monolith having a sheer face and round tops giving it a resemblance of the dome. It is one of the best hiking trails in the park.

2. Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls

The Yosemite falls is a beautiful water fall running down from the Half Dome of the Yosemite Valley. This fresh water waterfall is amazingly beautiful and the couples can have a pretty good view of the scenery from the top.

3. Glacier Point and Badger Pass
Glacier Point and Badger Pass

Glacier point provides an overlook with a spectacular view of the Yosemite Valley and the High Sierra. This point is the best place to view the picturesque beauty of the whole park. The Badger Pass is the world famous Skiing area in the winters when the paths get covered with snow. You can enjoy visiting these amazing sites.

Resting Places
Wawona Hotel

This National Park offers the best staying options for their visitors. The area is equipped with some of the best hotels including The Ahwahnee, Wawona Hotel, and Yosemite Lodge at the falls and the Yosemite Peregrine Lodging. These hotels provide all luxuries to the couples. The couples interested in thrill and adventures can go for camping resorts. These resorts provide you the camping adventure with all necessary facilities required for a comfortable stay.

The exciting staying facilities, stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife attract the newlywed couples to a great extent. This place offers plethora to fun and joy. Therefore, selecting Yosemite for your honeymoon would be a good decision.

Wagga Wagga - An Ideal Place For Exploring Australia’s Emerging Honeymoon Destination

The time just after marriage plays an important role in the lives of the newlyweds. It is an appropriate time to get closer and build a strong bond with your beloved. Thus, there is a tradition to go for a honeymoon trip. This trip allows you to spend some quality time with your spouse and enjoy some moments of romance. Therefore, it is necessary to make a suitable choice of the destination which fulfills the expectations of both. Wagga Wagga is a beautiful place in Australia offering the best romantic delights to the honeymooners. This place is also known for its wonderful gardens and natural reserves.
Wagga Wagga
Located on the shores of the Murrumbidgee River, it also meets the expectations of some unusual activities. This place is also the hone to several museums, theatres and art galleries.

Reaching Wagga Wagga
Regional Express and Qantaslink airways offer flights from various major cities to this region. Making early bookings in any of these airways can easily enable you to reach in here.

Major attractions

1. Wagga Wagga Beach Caravan Park
Wagga Wagga Beach Caravan Park

This caravan park is located on the foots of the Murrumbidgee River. This park covers a wide area with shady lawns providing the facility to the couples to relax in the stunning scenery. The main shopping center of Wagga Wagga lies within the walking distance from this park.

2. Museum of the Riverina
This museum has a wonderful architecture with wooden arch roof. Considered to be the Heart of city’s precinct, this museum was originally the city’s Town Hall constituting the municipal offices. This museum provides the information regarding the traveling exhibitions with the diversity of themes all round the year.

3. Cottontails Winery
Cottontails Winery

This winery is an award winning site for the production of Cottontail Wines. The winery offers free wine tasting to the visitors and is considered as the most preferable site for weddings and parties. It also offers spacious dining facilities in the open restaurants located in the premises.

The Little Rose Cottage

A wide range of accommodation facilities are present in this town which offers the couples to have a comfortable stay in a romantic atmosphere. The city is a hub of several hotels and lodges always at the service of their guests. The main hotels from which you can make your choice are The Little Rose Cottage, Millie's Guesthouse, By The River, Elm Cottage and Ambassador Motor Inn.

Wagga Wagga in Australia is blessed with some appealing romantic spots which increases the importance of this place among the honeymooners.

The Outback – An Adventurous Deserted Land For An Exciting Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the time to relax, enjoy and spend some quality time with your partner. It also includes some thrill and adventure. So, if you want to have something different from the general trends, you can select a place which is full of vibrant and thrilling activities. The Outback is one such deserted place that offers plethora of activities which makes your honeymoon trip exciting. Outback is located in Australia and generally covers the dry regions including the areas of Queensland, New South Wales, Southern and Western Australia and its northern territories.
The Outback
This place is though considered as a deserted area but it is not as such the name suggests. There is a wide variety of wild life including the kangaroos and emus. Due to its golden coast and rocks, this place is also known as The Golden Outback.

Things To Do And See

1. Wave Rock
Wave Rock

This is a high rock wave of about 14 meters made about 2,700 million years ago. The vibrant scenes leaves you amazed when the color of these waves changes dramatically the whole day.  You can get yourself photographed in front of it and capture its beauty for future memories.

2. Exploring the wildlife
The couples can go exploring the rich wild heritage of this region. During their tour they can have spectacular views of the kangaroos, native birds, outstanding species of lizards and marsupials inhabiting in the woodlands. 

3. Mount Augustus National Park
Mount Augustus National Park

The Mount Augustus National Park is the home to monad rock. This rock is regarded as the largest rock of the world which is assumed to be spread within eight kilometers. The red sand plain increases the beauty of this site.

4. Natures Calendar
This is a beautiful place with natural wonderland situated in Western region of the Golden Outback. Here you can admire the miracles of the nature with several spectacular views. One such view involves the migration of the whales. You can have a tour boat and experience the incredible feeling of seeing whales and dolphins just next to you.

JJ's Holiday Cottages

There are marvelous staying locations from which you can make your choice. The various accommodations include the hotels, caravan parks, farm stays, camping grounds and bread and breakfasts. Some of the best romantic stays include the Esperance Seafront Caravan Park and Holiday Units, JJ's Holiday Cottages, Esperance Island View Apartments, Discovery Holiday Parks - Kalgoorlie and the Wooleen Station. You can also spot some pubs and clubs in the area and enjoy the nightlife in Outback.

The sandy beaches, diverse wild life and the huge mountains present this place as an amazing destination. Make your early booking to The Outback and have a fantastic honeymoon.

St. Kitts Island – Discover The Unspoiled Beauty Of This Island On Your Honeymoon Trip

Honeymoon is an ultimate romantic trip undertaken by the couples to develop a strong bond between them. Therefore, it is necessary to select a place which offers several delights to the couples. The thought of selecting an island destination is a great idea. St. Kitts Island can be a perfect destination for you. Located in the West Indies this Caribbean Island is known for its intoxicating beauty, warm waters, sunny skies and long stretched sandy beaches.
St. Kitts Island 
The dramatic scenery and the charming culture of this island offer an awesome place to relax and have some intimate experiences. The volcanic mountain peaks attracts the attractions of the visitors.

Reaching St. Kitts
The tourists from Canada, United States, United Kingdom and rest of Europe offer a wide range of scheduled flights to this island. There is also a facility of charter planes which can be used by the tourists.

Places to Explore

1. Shadwell Great House
Shadwell Great House

This great house was built in the eighteenth century by Gilbert Fleming.  This house reflects some great architecture and the historical traditions and culture. The couples can visit this place and get to know the traditions of the natives.

2. White House Bay
The White House Bay provides shelter to the colorful rocky reefs. This place is of utmost importance for the ones who love adventures and fun. The tugboat at the harbors offers an opportunity for snorkeling. This place is one of the best spots for swimming with the colorful fishes of this region.

3. Bird Watching
This island is blessed with some beautiful myriad of ecosystems consisting of diverse wildlife and lots of things to do. From the oceans to the forests there are several hidden treasures in this place satisfying the requirements of everyone. The couples can have the pleasure of seeing the habitat of exotic species of birds. They can even get the photos of these wonderful habitats.

Outdoor Activities

The stunning beaches and the warm waters of this region offer several sporting options to the couples. The couples can play volleyball at the sandy beaches or go for swimming, boating, snorkeling, deep sea diving and fishing. Every activity offers full excitement and thrills.

Ocean Terrace Inn

A romantic stay with best cuisine makes the trip complete and everlasting. St. Kitts Island has a plethora of lodging facilities from five star luxurious hotels to award winning lodges and motels. The list of some best hotel includes Ottley's Plantation Inn, Timothy Beach Resort, Island Paradise Beach Village, Ocean Terrace Inn and St. Kitts Marriott Resort & the Royal Beach Casino.

The amazing attractions of St. Kitts offer a remarkable honeymoon to the couples. Do plan your honeymoon to this place and have an ultimate romantic tour.

St. Ives – A Fascinating Honeymoon Tour In The Seaside Town

St. Ives is a small town of Cornwall located west of Camborne and north of Penzance. It was a lovely village developed into a town over years and is the center of the arts and crafts shops, quaint cottages and the adorable paintings from some famous artists. The several beaches serve to be the attraction for the couples where they can have several adventures and enjoy the romantic sunset.
St. Ives
Therefore, you can select this place for your honeymoon and enjoy the various delights of this place.

Places To Visit

1. Porthmeor Beach
Porthmeor Beach

It is a famous recreational area with long sandy beaches. It is lovely beach which no one would like to miss. There is also a camping site on the western fringes of the seaside where you can enjoy camping and have lots of fun. Porthmeor Beach is a perfect place for ultimate fun and entertainment.

2. Barbara Hepworth Museum
This museum is a showcase of the important sculptors of the 20th century. The sculptors in stone, bronze and wood are on exhibit here. You can explore the outstanding work by the artists.

3. Porthminster beach
Porthminster beach

This is a wonderful stretched beach overlooking the Godrevy Lighthouse to some distance. You can go to this beach and enjoy the high waves and beauty of the sea with your spouse.

4. Tate St. Ives
This place consists of a nice collection of the international modern art. The art works here are mostly inspired by the beautiful sea and the beaches. There is also a gallery consisting of Cornish Art. The building is noticeable due to its round shape and is a center of attraction to the visitors.

Best Time To Visit
This place appears to be wonderful throughout the year, but the months from May to September are considered to be the best time to visit this place. During these months the weather is decent and calm with fewer crowds in the city. 

Accommodation and eating
St. Enodoc Hotel

There is an excellent collection of high quality resorts in this place. The accommodations provide a traditional stay to the visitors with all cares and services. Some of the best hotels include the Primrose Valley Hotel, St. Enodoc Hotel, The Fowey Hotel, The Summer House and the Mount Haven Hotel. St. Ives also consists of the best places where couples can enjoy their food. The Blas Burgerworks, the Bean Inn and the Ocean Grill provide the delicious breakfasts and sea foods.

In this article, the various attractions and the best lodging facilities of the place has been discussed. They serve the best for the honeymooning couples. So, plan your trip to the city of St. Ives and have a cherishing honeymoon.

Spend Some Intimate Moments With Your Spouse In The Bermuda Islands

The name of the Bermuda Islands is famous among the honeymooning couples as the atmosphere of this place is full of romance and love. This place is the home to world’s most stunning beaches with pink sand.
Bermuda Islands
The breathtaking views of the outstanding marine life, amazing architecture, picturesque landscapes and the comfortable hotels offer everything to the couples. Located in the northern region of the Caribbean this island leaves you tug up with the everlasting memories of this place.

How to reach

The Bermuda International Airport is the main airport which serves this island offering regular flights to and from the major cities of the world. The newlyweds from all over the world can reach this island in an easy manner.

Things to do and see

1. Eco-Tourism

This island has carefully preserved the natural wonders of this place from centuries. The incredible ecosystem cab ne discovered by the couples either by taking a guided tour or by themselves. They can have the pleasure of sightseeing the magnificent views of the world famous birds, explore the natural reserves and get to know some rare species of animals of this region or visit the outstanding underground cave formations.

2. Gibb's Hill Lighthouse
This lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses of the world constructed with iron. This historic lighthouse was constructed in 1846 and it produces a powerful light beam which lightens the paths to about 40 miles. The top of this lighthouse offers stunning views of the Bermuda shorelines.

3. Gilbert Nature Reserve and Springfield
Gilbert Nature Reserve and Springfield

This natural reserve is situated in about five acres of land and consists of the unspoiled woodland and natural beauty. The reserve protects some rare varieties of plants and trees. While taking a view of this reserve you can spot some mature cedar trees and Springfield which is famous for its ancient architectural treasures.

Elbow Beach Bermuda
Bermuda Island offers some most romantic gateways to the couples where they can enjoy a comfortable stay with their partner. The additional facilities allow them to share some moments of love and increase their intimacy. Elbow Beach Bermuda, Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Fairmont Southampton, Rosewood Tucker's Point and the Grotto Bay Beach Resort are the top rated hotels in Bermuda offering the finest services and proper attention to the couples ensuring that they enjoy their trip. The seaside location of these hotels offers stunning landscapes of the ocean with amazing views of the sunsets. The couples can also enjoy a romantic dinner at the beach side open restaurants.

So, consider Bermuda Islands as your honeymoon destination and enjoy the pleasures of this place without missing the any attraction.