Chelsea – An Amazing Place With A Perfect Blend Of Beauty And History

Are you planning for your upcoming vacations but have not yet decided the destination where you would like to visit? If yes, then here is a destination which might be loved by you. A small and a beautiful town named Chelsea which is located near the largest city, Boston in London can be a perfect destination for you if you love nature. This place is known for its pristine parks which are spread all over the town. Apart from the major parks like Royal parks, Hyde park, Kensington Gardens etc.
There are several museums and football clubs that can be a source of ultimate fun. You can also explore the luxury boutiques to get timeless products for you as a souvenir.

Major Sites To Visit

1. Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

This museum is the oldest museums in the city and is really a great attraction for the visitors. Here you can have a view of about 70 million life sciences specimens which are nicely preserved in the museum. The most and attractive exhibits here include dinosaur exhibits.

2. Hyde Park
This is a big and beautiful green park with a beautiful fountain and small lake, the Serpentine. You can not only enjoy resting in the natural surroundings but also watch a wide variety of wildlife including colorful birds. You can also enjoy boating in the park as boats are available for rent.

3. The Serpentine Gallery
The Serpentine Gallery

Located near the lake, the visitors can have a look at the amazing art work of the city by exploring the Serpentine Gallery. The pavilion just beside the gallery is decorated by different architects. Several cultural events are conducted here and you can become a part of it and have lots of fun.

4. Visit the Harrods
This store is one of the largest and reputed stores in London. In order to visit this store you need to well dressed as the dress code is really strict and you might not be allowed to enter because of your backpacker looks.

Chelsea House Hotel

Chelsea is known for a wide range of budget hotels which are easily available for booking. Some of the top notch options in this regard include the Ambassadors Hotel, Chelsea House Hotel, Green Court Hotel, St. Mark Hotel etc. that offer the best hospitality in the industry. 

Chelsea is really a beautiful place with amazing delights and natural beauty. You will really have great fun here.