Bolivia – A Sparkling And Adventurous Holiday Destination

Bolivia, an exotic holiday destination has so much to offer to the visitors. Located in the South America, this place is known for its amazing beauty, geographical diversity, large salt flats, forests, mountains and ethnic beauty. There are several hop spot destinations that you will really enjoy visiting.
This place is beautifully surrounded by several other tourist destinations like Brazil, Chile, Peru and Argentina. If you are visiting this place, you are really going to have loads of fun and excitement.

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Airways is the best option to reach Bolivia and there are two airports, one in la Paz and the other in Santa Cruz. Both of these airports are well connected all over the world and you can easily reach your holiday destination easily.

Attractions of Bolivia

1. La Paz
La Paz

Located at the highest peaks in the country, this city is the most enthralling place offering amazing sights of the snow-capped mountain peaks and picturesque landscapes. This bustling city is also known for its delicious cuisine and vibrant night life. If you wish to have some adventure, you can also go for a bike ride on the most dangerous roads in the city. You can also have a view of the amazing architecture of this place.

2. The Pampas
A tour to pampas can be the most thrilling experience in your life. You can go for a guided tour and have an encounter with numerous alligators, turtles, crocodiles, monkeys, capybaras, pink dolphins and several other animal species that you might have never thought of.  The travelers can also enjoy some activities like swimming with dolphins, piranha fishing and hiking in the jungle. You can also go searching for an Anaconda in the dense Amazon jungles.

3. Uyuni

Uyuni is a place that offers trips to the salt flats which are famous all over the world. You will be amazed to see the extraordinary views of the salt flat. The complete area is white and provides the view of snowfall. Apart from the salt flats, the major attraction of this place is the salt hotel that offers delightful views of the day and night.

4. Sajama National Park
This national park covers the highest peak and amazing geological formations along with stunning vegetation and cave paintings.

Bolivia is an extraordinary place with superb attractions which cannot be missed. So, plan your next trip to this place and enjoy the best holidays of your life time.

Avail The Best Opportunities For Eco-Tourism In Rio Branco

Rio Branco is an ultimate destination for spending some time in nature enjoying the scenic beauty of the surroundings and viewing the lush green vegetation and rubber plantations. This capital city of Acre is the home to several museums and palaces that state the history and culture of this place.
Rio Branco
Apart from history, you can also visit the parks and national reserves during your visit. The vibrant night life and amazing landscapes of this place will really win your hearts.

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Rio Branco is easily accessible by airways and you can land in the city itself at the international airport of Rio Branco. The city is well linked with major means of transport and you can easily enjoy your trip by either visiting through buses or hiring a car.

Major attractions

1. Casa do Seringueiro
Casa do Seringueiro

If you arelooking forward to gain information regarding the history of the rubber plantation and life of rubber-tappers, you can visit this museum. There is another museum that is focused on preserving the rich history of Acre. It is named as Museum of Rubber and is also worth a visit.

2. Horto Florestal
It is a beautiful park located in the city center. The park is amazingly designed with stunning statues and fountains and a small lake. The blooming flowers and greenery here is awesome and seems to be a perfect place to some time with your family.

3. Parque Ambiental Chico Mendes
Parque Ambiental Chico Mendes

If you are looking for something exciting, you can visit this forest area and explore the wildlife and vegetation here. This native forest area is easily accessible and you can really have fun exploring the forest. There is a small museum which can also be visited by you.

4. Novo Mercado Velho 
Located at the bank of Rio Acre, this place is also known as the New Old Market and is a place perfect place for shopping which can be visited by the tourists. You can find a wide range of brands here and enjoy eating at the cafes and bars which are lined there. Apart from fashion accessories, you can also purchase herbal products of the top notch quality here.

Amazonia Palace Hotel

Rio Branco is the capital city of Acre and hence accommodation is never an issue here. There are a wide range of hotels from which you can select the ones that meet your requirements with respect to comfort as well as your budget. The hotels that occupy the top notch position here are Amazonia Palace Hotel, Hotel Triangulo, Pinheiro Palace Hotel, Inacio Palace Hotel and Pinheiro Palace Hotel.

Rio Branco is a place filled with innumerable delights and you can really plan a trip to this place.

Acre – Enjoy Your Holidays In The Capital Of Nature

Are people who have really get bored out of living in a crowded city full of pollution and noises, it is better to visit a place that is completed filled with greenery and offers the best site to relax in the lap of nature. If you are searching for one such destination where you can enjoy the lush green vegetation, chirping of birds, soothing music of the waterfalls and beautiful mountains, Acre can be an amazing place for you.
This small state located in Brazil is less known to people but you will really get amazed with its natural beauty. Beautifully nestled within the Valley of Acre is the capital city of the state, Rio Branco. Apart from the natural delights, there are parks, museums and palaces which can also be visited by the guests when they land in here.

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The capital city of Acre has an international airport that offers flights to and from different places all round the world. Your trip to this place can be a comfortable one if you make the bookings beforehand. The airport is well connected to railway stations and buses allowing you to reach your destination with comfort.

Sites worth a visit

1. Zoo Botanic Park
Zoo Botanic Park

Located in the campus of UFAC, this botanical park is the home to a wide range of species of flora and fauna. When visiting this place, you can be lucky enough to have a sightseeing of a large number of tropical animals and plants. A separate grove of rubber plantation can also be viewed by you.

2. Palace Rio Branco 
Showcasing the rich architecture and history of Acre, this beautifully designed palace is a must to visit. It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city which should not be missed by you. 

3. Valley of Jurua
Valley of Jurua

An important tourist area that is situated a few miles from the city is valley of Jurua. It is beautifully surrounded by fine sandy beaches, backwaters, untouched waters and amazing scenery. In addition to this, the historical monuments and buildings of this valley also have a historical importance.
Hotel Don Juan

The visitors can easily find luxury as well as hotels in medium budget in Acre. The top notch choices in this regard include Colonial Chile Hotel, Hotel Don Juan, Hotel Villa Bahia, Laranjeiras Hostel etc.

Acre is a place that offers the feel of a heaven and you should really visit this place once in your life time.