Chile – A Fun Packed Destination Attracting The Attention Of Thousands Of Visitors

Chile is a country is South America that has often caught the attention of the tourists because of its location as well as its implausible shape. Clinging to an island’s edge, this silver land is a fun-filled-destination offering thrilling adventure and an opportunity to explore the amazing sights to this place. The unexpected things that you can do here include climbing a snow-covered volcano at the sun rise, soaking and relaxing in the thermal baths, swimming in the refreshing lakes and enjoying drinks and dancing on the dance floors in the amazing nightclubs.
This mystic beauty is surprisingly bordered by the mountains, oceans and other countries like Peru and Bolivia that are also listed in the tourist host spots.

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The Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport is the main international airport that provides entry to the visitors from all round the world to this place. It is also known by the name of Santiago Airport which is located 15 Km from the downtown Santiago.

Things to do in Chile

1. Atacama Desert
Atacama Desert

One of the major attractions that is a worth a visit during the trip to Chile is Atacama Desert. It is the driest and highest desert in the world and is famous for its unique and amazing rock formations. You will really be speechless to see the amazing wonders here like the Death Valley, moon valley, dinosaur valley etc. You can surely spend enough time exploring this area and having lots of fun and excitement.

2. Valle del Elqui
The visitors can reach this beautiful place within 5 hours and can avail the opportunity to having the sightseeing of the stars. Big telescopes are placed here so that the visitors can enjoy a closer look at the heavenly bodies. If you wish to have some adventure, you can visit Pisco Elqui, a beautiful city that offers bike riding, trekking and horse riding opportunities.

3. Reserva Nacional Pan de Azúcar
Reserva Nacional Pan de Azúcar

Considered as the most stunning and beautiful park of Chile, it is the point where the sea and desert meets. The sight is amazing to see at. Several activities that can be enjoyed at this place include scuba diving, swimming, bike riding etc.

Accommodation facilities in Chile are awesome and you will really appreciate the hospitality and services offered by the services. Some of the best hotels where you can book a stay include Alto Atacama Desert Lodge, Hotel Salto Chico, Hotel de Larache etc. 

Chile is really an amazing destination with so many extraordinary sights that will leave you speechless. 

Peru – An Archeological Gem Offering Boundless Adventure And Fun

Peru is a holiday destination that is known for its archaeological gems and most of the people visit this place to explore its rich history and enjoy the sightseeing of the diverse wildlife and have some fun. This place is beautifully surrounded by some famous tourist hot spots providing you an opportunity to explore them also when visiting this place. The places which bordered Peru include Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile etc.
The rich culture, exotic and dense jungles, rugged deserts, icy mountains etc. provide unending fun and excitement to the travelers. You can go for trekking, become a part of the local fiestas and explore the colorful markets during your trip. The nightlife here is also amazing.

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In order to reach Peru, you will have to book a flight to the Jorge Chávez International Airport which is located in Lima, the capital city. All the main airlines from Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Newark, Miami, New York, San Francisco etc. are linked to this airport making it easier for the visitors to reach in here.

Major attractions of the City

1. Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Among the several tourist attractions present in Peru, the most impressive and beautiful ancient site is Machu Picchu. Here you can have a sightseeing of the Lost City Of Incas that is self-contained and bordered by agricultural terrace which are watered by the natural springs. This place is generally invisible from outside and not much known to the tourists hence there are chances that you might have missed it.

2. Colca Canyon
The Colca Canyon is located at the Andes Mountain in the southern part of the city and is a valley beside the River Colca. It has a depth twice the depth of the Grand Canyon. Apart from this, another major attraction that can be seen by you are Andean Condors that float on rising thermals.

3. Uros Islands
Uros Islands

The Uros Island is made from dry torota reeds and is located at the Lake Titicaca. This artificial island is a major attraction of the area and you can reach there by talking a boat. The island is made up of reefs that degrade with time and hence people keep adding more reefs at the top. Since the reefs degrade at the bottom the floor is spongy on the island.

There are several other places like Iquitos, Chan Chan, Huacachina etc. that can be visited by you during your vacations. The accommodation facilities are numerous and you can easily enjoy a refreshing holiday trip to Peru.