Visit The Exotic Natural Beauty Of Manaus

If you want to enjoy the blue waters and eyeful greenery then plan your trip to Amazon’s largest city, Manaus. It is a perfect example of urbanity and modernism where people live their life king size. The city is a significant port of ocean vessels and renowned tourist’s spots. The city has a good population and inclusive of all basic and luxurious facilities. Don’t be amazed if you get a bit whacked and confused in the Amazon city.

You would get a warm welcome and excellent quality hospitality services at the hotels of Manaus.

How to Reach 
Manaus is among the host cities for 2014 FIFA cup so you can imagine how well connected this would be. It has an international airport where you can easily get flights for a two way journey.

Major Attractions

1. Parque do Mindu
Parque do Mindu

It is an exquisite park with refreshing natural beauty. Here, the weekends are full, people with family come and have a splendid buffet, enjoy the flora and fauna of Parque do Mindu. It has a hub of orchids and walkways. The park is divided into many eight sections so you can understand how massive the park is. 

2. Encontro das Águas
Another exotic place you would discover beyond Manaus is Encontro Das Aguas. Varied temperature, density, but similarity of bi-colors would lure you. The neighborhood place has a mix of waterfalls, lakes where water flows for many kilometers. Fascinating landscapes give you a panoramic view of the dwelling divine nature. 

3. Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro
Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro

This palace was beautifully constructed in 1900's by a baron Waldmer Scholz. It served as a governor residence for parliamentary purposes. Now, it has been converted into a cultural centre for events. The city holds several art exhibitions and occasional concerts. There are other buildings of this palace that has in store an art gallery, sound and image house and also a coin museum in the cultural centre. 

4. Praia da Lua
It is one of the best places to visit at Manaus. There are exotic beaches at Manaus embedded with white sand and water which is tea colored. Lua is the largest beach of the Amazon city, and you can also visit the nearest museum to run away from beaches. 

Manaus is a luxurious place having a blend of beaches, natural beauty, wildlife, nightlife, parks, delicious food and museums. Enjoy the life of Manaus with great and colorful life.  

A Luxury Holiday In The Sumptuous Capital City - Brasilia

People who love to travel an organized and planned city must visit the capital city of Brazil. The city has been designed by one of the world’s best architects Oscar Niemeyer. Brasilia has been creatively designed by effective efforts of an urban planner Lucio Costa and Burle Marx. The city looks magnificent and just like a bird if you take a glance from the air.
You will enjoy the beauty of this capital city on long drives by passing through well connected six lane highways by a car. It is located near Rio de Janeiro which was the capital city of Brazil earlier.

How to reach Brasilia 
You have to make no special efforts to reach Brasilia as it has an exceptionally well constructed international airport. The city is amazingly organized with all means of transport and long highways. 

Major Attractions Of The City

1. Vale do Amanhecer
Vale do Amanhecer

It is a picturesque small town with a beautiful valley. You would enjoy the raw natural beauty and have a gala time with your family. You can get here easily by bus as this place is one of the favourite destinations for the tourist. It also has a very famous temple on the name of Tia Neiva.

2. Parque Nacional de Brasília
The weekends of Brasilia are exciting as majority of residents relax and refresh themselves at Parque Nacional de Brasília. It is a place for recreation and a picnic spot. The place has swimming pools, lush green gardens and there are some animals occupied by this place.

3. Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

In the capital city, you would enjoy the fascinating contemporary museum houses with amazing exhibitions, a book store, galleries’ and a cafe. People from far off places come to visit this museum and this spectacular city. 

4. Palácio do Planalto
It has been specially designed by Oscar Niemeyer. This spectacular constructed mansion is worth a watch. It is an eyeful spot with beautiful curved ramps, sumptuous architectural design and its attractive look. 

5. Mormaii Surf Bar - A restaurant
Mormaii Surf Bar

It is an international renowned restaurant where you can taste delicious sandwiches, juices, and other delicacies. The location of this amazing place is at the water front. The city has an extraordinary nightlife that attracts major tourists.
In a lifetime, you must visit Brasilia where you would enjoy the best if time with your family. The city has all the facilities with best of food, attractions, shopping malls, accommodations, luxury hotels and well managed means of transport. So, waste no time and come to Brasilia. 

Stupendous Boat Rides Of Uros Islands

Your quest for natural blue waters and amazing beauty ends at Uros Islands in Puno. It is place of a full day trip to Lake Titicaca and its renowned islands. As you head towards Uros, you would experience the floating islands that have been constructed out of reeds. Initiate a boat trip and discover the enigma of islands of reeds. Your trip will take back memorable moments of warmth hospitality of residents of Uros and their traditions.
Uros Islands
The place is raw and natural where people are very cultural and stuck to their roots. The Uros Islands are part of Titicaca National Reserve; you can enjoy the boat ride and discover the boat made of reeds.  The houses are made of totora weeds that look stunning.

How to reach Uros Islands
You firstly need to reach Puno from where you can either take bus and train. You can also go by air by reaching the nearest airport named Juliaca. Many people hire ferries to reach to Uros Islands. 

Major nearby attractions of Uros Islands

1. Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca

The nearest adventure you can find is the Lake Titicaca. It is lake with green waters and is believed to be the largest freshwater water Lake of South America. The destination Lake Titicaca is mapped between Bolivia and Peru. You would enjoy your visit to the highest lake in the world where water flows passing through the rocks.

2. Plaza de Amas
Plaza de Amas

Popularly known as Weapon Square, Plaza Mayor is a set palatial building that had been built in a colonial style with balconies at the style of Moorish. The building located at northeast has been dedicated to Peru’s President. A trip to Uros Islands would let you enjoy the amazing destinations that you would always remember. 

3. Flores Bus
It is an entertaining fleet that goes from Peru to Puno to Bolivia. It is an amazing and long ride with immense speed. People love to travel from this incredible bus and the charges are affordable for tourists.

4. Puno

It is a place where you would find impressive museums, galleries, beautiful churches and parks. A short trip to Puno would excite you and make you feel energetic.

Exotic places drive you crazy and take you to the paramount of happiness. Near Uros Islands, you would find amazing destinations, eating joints and hotels for tourists. A dream place to visit the islands, meet diverse people and visit traditional nearby places.