Enigmatic Simplicity Of Meknes

Meknes offers subtle and pleasant environment to enjoy your trip. It is an imperial city which has not been a major attraction than Marrakech and Medina. Meknes is a small city famous for its modesty and this quiet city has much to offer to tourists and enchant them with the simplicity of the city. The city has amazing hospitality and facilities for tourists to spend a gala time with their family. The city was amazingly designed by Moulay Ismail and has plenty of cereals, citrus fruits, olives, wine and other products. You would enjoy the trip and experience the traditions, cultures of the heritage city.
There are many hotels that would add value to your journey. The hotels are quite affordable and render high quality services.

How to get there

As it is a small city, you can reach there by taking a flight to a nearby airport such as Sais Airport and then take a bus or a train. The city is well connected to nearby cities like Fez and Casablanca. Within the city, you would find taxis, horse carriages and buses so that you can easily commute. Walk through the city streets that give a warm feeling of traditional culture of Morocco.

Major attractions of Versailles of Morocco

1. Dar Jamai Museum
Dar Jamai Museum

Earlier it was a palace built by powerful Sultans and then passed to Al-Glaoui family. Now this celestial building is used as a museum to display paintings, jewellery, ceramics and textiles. The interiors of the museum have exquisite embroidered carpets and cushions. You would love to experience different styles of crafts and embroidery.

2. Heri es-Souani
It is a historic building having huge granaries and stables that store food for thousands of horses. It is a great masterpiece of architecture that attracts tourists for a glance. The building has giant walls and small windows with a facility of underflow water mediums to keep the temperature cool.

3. El- Hedime
El- Hedime

The market place is centrally located and a major tourist attraction. At this square, you will find all kinds of stalls, street hawkers, and entertainments such as fire swallowers, jugglers, and artists.

4. The ruins of Rome in Volubilis
A great architecture building that depicts the traditions and cultures of Rome.

5. Mausoleum of Sidi ben Aissa
Mausoleum of Sidi ben Aissa

It is place of worship which is closed for non-Muslims. Here, followers of Sidi Ben, assemble from worldwide in April. 
Promise your family an incredible trip to imperial cities of Morocco and feel delighted.

A Magnificent Trip To A Cultural City – Marrakech

Marrakech is embellished with old traditions and cultures of Morocco. Your trip would let you experience the multi facets of this cultural spot.
Just immerse your thoughts in the narrow lanes of Marrakech where you would discover the street hawkers, varied stalls of juices, magicians and snake charmers. The tombs and monuments are exceptionally eye catching and tourists from worldwide visit to see them.

How to reach the traditional city

The city has an international airport connected to other major countries such as London, Canada and others. You can also choose to travel by bus or train. Within the city, you would love to try a carriage named Caleche. It is driven by a horse and generally a common means of transport in Marrakech.
Exciting attractions

1. The Majrolle Gardens
The Majrolle Gardens
It was a gift by Saint Laurent to the city. The Majrolle Garden has an exquisite collection of beautiful flowers that you would have never seen. The scenic beauty would enlighten you with happiness and energy. It also has lakes within the garden to spend a pleasant weekend at the garden.

2. Bahia mansion
The sumptuous, grand palace “La Bahia” was decorated from top to bottom by Grand Vizier Si Moussa. The fabulous paintings and wood crafted ceilings of Bahia palace take you to another world where you would feel the aura and royalty.

3. Djemaa El-Fna
Djemaa El-Fna
It is one of the liveliest attractive places of Marrakech. It is a famous square and also a open air theatre. The market of this square is always crowded with tourists, snake charmers, street strollers and fruit sellers. It has been declared as the one of the masterpieces of World Heritage under UNESCO.

4. Saadian Tombs
Magnificent landmarks would surprise you and get you back again and again. Your family would love the sight of these tombs constructed by the Sultans near the Kasbah mosque. The tombs are made of exquisite Italian marbles and gold that give a fantabulous look to them.

5. Dar Si Said
Dar Si Said
It is a regional architectural monument of Marrakech. The artisans have spent their hearts out to make the painted ceilings, dome and doorways. Your family would be delighted to visit this place and click beautiful pictures beside it.

Be delighted to see the amazing monuments, tombs, market places and beautiful mansions. You would easily find budget hotels and three star hotels for accommodation offering wide facilities. So, get ready and plan an amazing trip to Marrakech.

Enter The Gate Of The Desert - Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate is one of famous small towns of Morocco. The place has amazing sand dunes that you would love to view sitting on the camel back. The chrome colored oasis mesmerizes the landscape sight of Ouarzazate. The town has earned respect more for being one of the strategic locations for business.
The town is also known as the door of the desert.  The place has several hotels that are affordable and offer the best hospitality services.

How to reach

If you are planning a trip to this place you can easily reach with no hassle. It is famous town known for being one of the transport hubs of Central Morocco. The door to the desert is well connected with all means of transport such air, train and bus. It also has a small airport and some major cities connected are Marrakech, Agadir and Casablanca from where you can reach your destination.

The major attractions of Ouarzazate are-

1. Taourirt Kasbah
Taourirt Kasbah

It is an interesting place which has grasped the attention of Hollywood for movies like Gladiator and UNESCO. Kasbah has been declared as a World heritage site for UNESCO and a worth place for photography. The Kasbah has tiny traditional villages, doorways moulded as arches, and oasis where you would love to walk through.  Passing through the villages, some articles would interest you made by local craftsmen.

2. Draa Valley
Near Kasbah, moving southeast, you would see the longest river of Morocco. The river forms when two rivers Dedes and Imini meet. The valley has lush palm groves which you enjoy watching as an eyeful sight. It is a beautiful scenic location where you can enjoy a long ride of several kilometers. 

3. Sahara

The starting point of trip into the Sahara would be M’Hamid. You can visit the famous dunes in Tinfou to get the real feel of the desert. The experience of isolation in the dunes is quite exciting and uncanny. The Sahara desert gives an impression of a vast hub of sand with no limits.

4. Tinghir
In southern Morocco, you would love to visit a nearby town Tinghir. It is a terraced place near to Todra gorge. Great sights of mountains, cliffs, eyeful palm groves and valleys would drive you crazy and gather panoramic views. As you move forward, you can also have a glance at the valley of roses. M’Goun Valley is filled with roses during summers; it is an enigmatic spot where every visitor would plan to see.

Ouarzazate offers an amazing holiday trip to the backpackers and will surely be a place of wonderful delights.