Bahia - Melting Point Of Cultures

Bahia is located in the North West of Brazil in the junction of the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of All saints. It boasts of having the longest coastline for Brazil making it a popular tourist destination of Brazil and is the second populous place after Rio de Janeiro.
Due to its proximity to Africa, it can well be regarded as a melting point of African, European and South American cultures, and a centre point for culture, music and dance. The coast of Bahia is clipped into many beaches and dozens of islands.

Getting there

Bahia is accessible by air, and the roads. The nearest airport is 30 mins away from main town and the road leading to the airport is a tourist attraction as well. Roads although are well developed have their own pitfalls with blind turns, and steep hills are common on the highway.

Major attractions

1. Salvador - Brimming Capital City
Salvatore - Brimming Capital City

The capital city of Salvador can well be regarded as a historical and cultural capital of Brazil. The Portuguese are known to have arrived here first and brought along with them African slaves making it the pulsing centre of Afro-Brazil cultures. The Hill facing town is lined with several historical and religious buildings that are well preserved even till date. Bahia is well regarded as the birthplace of Samba and Capoeira which can be well be felt as the city is brimming with music all day and offering endless avenues for all night revelry. The city is divided into old and new, with Pelourinho being the historic Town centre. The modern town of Salvatore is an industrial region encompassing the North of Salvatore.

2. Pelourinho
It is the Historic centre of Salvatore that houses several medieval architectural buildings. The town is marked by cobblestoned pathway, amidst pastel coloured buildings, gives an impression of a well developed Portuguese architecture.

3. All Saints Bay
All Saints Bay

It is the largest bay with well over 50 small islands, which offer as a quick break. The two of the popular islands Frades and Itaparica are accessible by schooner, is marked by white sand beaches and old colonial buildings.

4. The Dende Coast
This coast is a picturesque natural beauty set within lush green vegetation, coral reefs and well diversified fauna. It lined with beautiful beaches in a verdant vegetation growing coconut.

5. The whale Coast
The whale Coast

It is the archipelago case on the extreme south of Bahia and is a great hub of ecotourism for whale wathers. This region has a high concentration of fish and coral reefs.

Cachoeira is a small town perched in between the hills of Cachoeira on the Paraguassu River. A small community of people practice Afro catholic religion. Tobacco is grown in abundance and one can witness a lot of hand rolled tobacco industry meant for export.

Coconut milk

A wide range of Sea food is predominant in the cuisine, while pimento is fiery hot pepper sauce, vatapa which is a paste of shrimp, peanuts and cashew nuts are used in a lot of their dishes. Acaraje, fried bread made from black peas is served with a variety of dishes. Coconut milk is used in a wide variety of curries both for vegetarian and non-vegetarian.