Rugen Island – Pristine Beaches And Star Attraction Awaits You This Holiday

Rugen Island is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Germany. It is beautifully situated in Baltic Sea and is well connected to the land via Rugen Causeway and Rugen Bridge.
Rugen Island
This place boasts about long stretched fine and sandy beaches, amazing seaside resorts, picturesque landscapes, stunning views of Rugen Chalk cliffs, neo-classical architecture and beautiful parks and palaces that complement this place in a perfect manner. Considered as the largest Island in Germany, this place offers amazing places to see as well as numerous activities that can be enjoyed by the visitors.

Major attractions

1. Binz

Considered as the largest resort located in Germany, Binz is a place located near the Usedom Island that beautifully restores the architecture and historical facts of the country. The well preserved historical remains and the well known bath architecture is the famous attraction. This charming place has so much that can be explored by you whole having a walk through the promenade. 

2. Rasender Roland
If you wish to enjoy the sightseeing of the countryside, the best option available at your end is the Rasender Roland. This steam train offers a perfect ride through the country side and allows the visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place from the windows with the steam floating in the air. It would one of the amazing rides of your life time.

3. Jasmund National Park
Jasmund National Park

This park is well known for its chalk cliffs with the highest Königsstuhl which is about 118m. There is also a National park center at the highest point of the cliff. This small national park offers amazing views of the nature as well chalk cliffs.

4. Altenkirchen
This is one of the oldest churches in Germany and dates back to 12th century. This religious church comprises of several paintings created by the regional painters. Apart from the spectacular paintings, you can also get to see the oldest cemetery stones that are placed outside the church.

5. The Chalk museum
The Chalk museum

As the name suggests, this museum restores the history of chalk. You can visit here and collect information regarding different types of chalks and their varieties.

Nixe Hotel

Apart from being a famous tourist destination, Rugen Island is also an amazing destination for honeymooners. Hence, it comprises of a wide range of luxury hotels offering the best hospitality in the country. Some of the top choices you can consider include Travel Charme Kurhaus Binz, niXe Hotel, Roewers Privathotel - The Spa Concept etc.

Rugen Island is an enthralling destination and a gem of the Baltic Sea that is worth a visit.

Rhine – Feel The Love For Your Partner In This Romantic Destination

Rhine, generally known by the name of Romantic Rhine is a beautiful city nestled between other two amazing cities of Bonn and Bingen. This place is considered as a paradise for the newlyweds and couples as the air in here is filled with romance.
The stunning geological formations, picturesque villages, medieval castles, riverboat cruises and fabulous sightseeing of this place are well suited for a memorable romantic trip. Other major attractions of the city include operas, painting galleries, Lorelei, the Electoral Palace etc.

Get in

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Frankfurt International Airport are the two main airports that are located near the Rhine valley and offer flights to this place. The tourists from different parts of the world can get to this place by airways.

Attractions of the city

1. Rudesheimer Roseneck Vineyards
Rudesheimer Roseneck Vineyards

The Rhine valley is known for its lush green vineyards. You can visit the huge Rudesheimer Roseneck Vineyard whose amazing views can be seen from the hills along the Rhine Valley. It is just a few miles from Switzerland and provides you an opportunity o taste some amazing wine in Germany.

2. Loreley
One of the most populous mountains near the Rhine River that catches the attention of the tourists is loreley Rock. The echo produced in this area is amazing and you can try calling out the name of your partner and let the nature repeat it.

3. Bingen am Rhine
Bingen am Rhine

Gateway to an amazingly beautiful World Heritage site listed under UNESCO, Bingen am Rhine is full of historical stories. Apart from the historical importance, this place is also known for its Wine growing regions. It is also a perfect place for hiking and cycling.

4. Rheinfels Castle
This castle is located at the hill top and provides an amazing view of St. Goar, a picturesque town in Germany. This historical place is worth a visit and you will really enjoy a guided tour to this place.

Mosel Hotel Hähn

The visitors can enjoy a romantic stay in the top notch hotels located in the city. A wide choice for these hotels includes Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels, Hotel Ebertor, Häcker´s Grand Hotel and Mosel Hotel Hähn. There are several other hotels and lodges that offer a perfect stay with a romantic auara to the honeymooners.

Rhine valley is an amazing destination with wonderful natural delights. The stunning landscapes and romantic destinations make this place an outstanding place for honeymooners.

Leipzig – The Place Of Music And Festivities

If you are a music enthusiast and enjoy during live performances by great bands, Leipzig can be an ideal holiday destination for you. It is the largest city of Saxony and is also known by the name of City of heroes due to its role in democratic revolution.
This dynamic and lively city is also known for its culture and vibrant arts and music festivals that attract thousands of visitors from all round the world to this place. Its exquisite architecture, music shows, historical sites, amazingly designed museums, botanical gardens and zoos have so much to offer to the visitors.

Getting here

Leipzig is considered as the hub of transportation and hence reaching in here and exploring this place is really easy. As far as the visitors from different nations are concerned, they can easily get in here via airplanes which are generally schedules to the international airport, Leipzig/Halle Airport.

Sites to Explore

1. Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall

Designed in a Renaissance style, this beautiful building was designed in the year 1556 and is 90 meters long. It comprises of a tower, six gables and arcades. Later this place was transformed into a museum and showcases several master pieces from medieval art work. A visit to this place will provide you an opportunity to learn about the culture and history of this place.

2. Leipzig Zoo
This zoo is the largest zoo in Germany where there a wide species of animals. You can enjoy watching the elephants having fun in water. There are several other animal species that reside here like tropical Gondwanaland species.

3. Bach Festival
Bach Festival

Known to be the home of classical composers, Leipzig is a musical hub of the country and several musical festivals are held from time to time. Of them, you can become a part of the Bach Festival which is planned by the Bach Museum. The live performances in this festival are amazing and you are really going to have lots of fun being a part of this festival.

4. Clara-Zetkin-Park
This park is a hub of several parks that are worth a visit. The several parks that come together in this park area include Palmengarten, Volkspark Scheibenholz, Albertpark and Albertpark. This park is an amazing place to enjoy a family picnic and have some sightseeing.

Hotel Novotel

Accommodation options in Leipzig are amazing. Several top notch hotels in which you can book a room for you include Mercure Hotel, Hotel Novotel, Seaside Park Hotel etc.

Leipzig is an amazing destination with music all around. You just need to select the right time for your holiday trip in order to become the audience of the best music performances ever.