Cologne - The Nation’s Cultural and Tourism Hub

Home to around one million people, Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany and is situated on the River Rhine in the North Rhine-Westphalia. Due to its rich culture and open minded people, this has become the social, cultural and tourism hub of the nation. The widely spoken language there is German. However, you can easily find information in English, Spanish and Japanese.
The city welcomes tourism and has a patient and understanding nature towards them. What makes Cologne famous is the liberal nature of the people and the city. Officials and workers also speak english and automatic machines have a language selection feature that makes it easier for tourists to get around the city.

Getting there

Being a well connected city, getting to Cologne is very easy due to the number of facilities available. 3 international airports and 2 train stations makes the getting to the city a breeze. Visitors and tourists can also choose to enter the city by bus or by car. However, a low emission sticker is needed before you can enter the city by car.

Places of Interest

1. Kölner Dom
Kölner Dom

It is one of the oldest cathedrals in Germany and is protected by the UNESCO. The rich historical and cultural significance behind the cathedral makes the travel there, worthwhile. Two giant spires stretch high into the sky making it the largest gothic church in all of Northern Europe.

2. Hohenzollern Bridge
Popularly known as the Locking bridge, it is covered entirely by padlocks placed by couples signifying their love for one another.

3. 12 Romanesque Churches
12 Romanesque Churches

There are twelve landmark churches in the city of Cologne with important historical significance.  They house magnificent paintings and art in them.

4. Die Kölner Synagoge
Offering a rich historical significance, they synagogue is now a place of meeting and worship. The building also houses museum,  a library, a youth centre and a ballroom.

5. Parks

The city has two parks areas that stretch almost around the entire city. The inner park areas are more easily accessible by the tourists. However, there is a strict watch on littering and stiff fines will be imposed on people found doing it.

6. Museums
It offers one of the best collections of museums and galleries in the world. Home to the famous chocolate museum, ecclesiastical art and sports, the city offers a number of spots for information and recreation.

Cologne is the heart of Germany and offers stunning architectural marvels and places of interests.

Lübeck- A City of Historical Significance

Located on the Trave river in germany, it is its largest port city. The city has managed to preserve much of the lifestyle and the architecture from the 13th century which makes it an ideal spot for the art and architecture lovers. Though being attacked by bombs and weapons in the World War, it has still managed to survive and preserve most of its old cities and buildings. It has been preserved as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is historically and culturally, a very significant city. It has become popular as a trading city for merchants and traders who made good profits by shopping salt or other port cities. The city still houses some of the old warehouse accessible by tourists. However, most of them house museum, restaurants and pubs today.
After the World War, the trade to the city was cut off thus isolating it from the other port cities. The impact of this isolation is still visible today with efforts still being made to improve its economy.

Getting There

You can get there by plane to the Lübeck airport which lies just outside the city. There is a well connected transport system that allows you to enter the city by road or by rail. Boats are even an option as there are many ferries operating regularly which can be used to get to the city. 

Places of Interest

The city offers a number of tourism spots and activities for its visitors such as

1. Churches
The city is home to a number of churches constructed beautifully with scenic design and of historical importance.
○ The most popular among these is the St. Mary’s Church. Constructed using the Gothic style, it is made of fine bricks making it the biggest church in the city.
○ There are many other churches such as St. Catherine’s church, The Dom, St. Jakobi and St. Petri.

2. The historical city gates
The Holstentor and the Burgstor are the two remaining city gates that offer a huge piece of the city’s rich history.

3. The Willy Brandt House
The Willy Brandt House
Showcasing his career and political life, this museum has been his childhood home.

4. The Rathaus or City Hall
Dating back to the 12th century, it is still the seat of administration and power in the city. Entry is restricted into the hall. However, guided tours are conducted every now and then that gives the tourists to take a look inside.

The charming atmosphere and the overwhelming history surrounding the place, makes it one of the best holiday destinations.

Namibia - The Pride of South Africa

Formerly under Germany, Namibia has only recently achieved its independence in the 1990. Located in the southern Africa, there are many forms of tourist attractions in this country. The people are friendly and speak over nine different languages. The wide spread Namib and the Kalahari desert span through a huge distance and offer many scenic attractions. The country is famous all over the world as it produces some of the highest quality diamonds in the world. Famous for its Wildlife Safaris, it offers to its visitors a chance to see some exotic animals and the unique wildlife in the heart of Africa. It attracts a large number of tourists interested in adventure and thrill.
You can pick the adventure you want from trekking and hiking through dense and beautiful locations to safaris and anima, watching in zoos and sanctuaries. The country has found a way to preserve its culture and offers tourists a deep insight into its authentic beliefs and culture.

Getting there

The entry into the country requires a valid passport and an address of the place you are visiting. Apart from some selected countries, foreigners are required to obtain a valid visa before visiting it. You can choose to enter the country by air, road and by train using its convenient transport facilities.

Places of Interest

1. Namib desert
Namib desert

Stretching for over 1000 km in the Atlantic coast, it is one of the oldest deserts in the world and the country is named after it. Having some of the highest sand dunes in the world, it offers scenic views and places in the desert. The sand has a unique and a rusty color to it.

2. Fish River Canyon
Located deeper in South Africa, it is one of the biggest canyons in the world. Stretching for nearly 160 kms, it is near 27 km at its widest and 550m at its deepest.

3. Etosha National Park
Etosha National Park

The national park placed in South Africa is famous all over the world and offers a unique peek into the rich and diverse wildlife found in the Africa.

4. German Influenced Hotels
Some hotels in the country influenced by the Germans still make their presence felt.

5. Skeleton Coast National Park
Skeleton Coast National Park

In the northern part of the county is the inaccessible and barren expanse of stones and sand. The coast is laden with many shipwrecks.

This is the perfect location for people looking for adventure and thrill. Offering a peek into the African culture and history, it has become a popular tourist destination.