Cape Winelands – The Wine Capital Of South Africa

Cape Winelands is one of the most picturesque towns of South Africa, which is located close to Cape Town and Table Mountain. It boasts of being, in all probability the wine district of Africa, as it is dotted with innumerable vineyards, in large areas of land until the horizon.
Cape Winelands
Being one of the best holiday destinations, it is surrounded with undulating hills all around, beaches at stone’s throw away, and some great shopping experience too. For non-drinkers of wine, this place is a haven with a choice of adventure trails, shopping, craft and culture and some great places to visit.

Getting here

Cape Town is the nearest airport which has great connectivity with national and international destination.  Road connectivity between Cape Town and Cape Winelands and all other surrounding areas and places is phenomenal.

Places of Interest

1. Huguenot Museum
Huguenot Museum

It is located within the vast expanse of Franschhoek vineyards. This museum houses some of the authentic crafts, ancient kitchen utensils, documents, art and artifacts that were used during olden times.

2. Franschhoek Vineyards
It is one of the largest vineyards in Cape Winelands that makes it a best holiday destination too. A tram runs along the vineyard, offering best scenic view in the vast expanse of the vineyards as far as your eyes can see. Since this place has many view points, visitors can hop off at points of interest and hop in to reach the next spot.

3. Wellington

The town of Wellington is close to Cape Winelands. Dry fruits, choicest of leather goods, wine and Whisky are the chief areas of interest here.

4. Stellenbosch Botanical Garden
The botanical garden houses some of the rare flora and plants, and thus is a place of conservation too. One can find a good collection of Japanese Bonsai, tropical plants, herb garden, rock garden etc. Close to this garden, one can find horse trails where the horses are bred in the methods of natural horsemanship and natural lifestyle.

Events and festivals
Barthalomeus Klip

The topography the unique lifestyle of the people in this area plays a natural host of many festivals and events held throughout the year. Some of them include the Nitida Farm market, Stacey wine farm market, the wine market at Hathersage farm.

Choice of Accommodation to make your stay among the best holiday destinations are

Light House Boutique Suites is a luxurious hotel that is located in the historical area of Paarl.

Barthalomeus Klip Farmhouse is located one hour from Capetown and is also within reach to most of the vineyards in this area.

Cascade Country Manor is a luxurious accommodation option, close to the olive orchards, vineyards as well as a stream, making it one of the most picturesque stay options as well.

Cape Wineland is undoubtedly the wine capital of South Africa, where one can find vineyards almost at every corner. The otherwise relaxed lifestyle of the people here makes it a best holiday destination.

Table Mountain - Great View Of Cape Town

Table Mountain is a flat plateau overlooking the town of Cape Town in South Africa. This place is very popular among the visitors as they can reach this place by using the cable car. Table Mountain offers a spectacular view as it is surrounded with cliffs, namely Devil’s peak and Lion’s head on all sides.
Table Mountain

A panoramic view of the whole town of Cape Town and the outlying towns can be experienced from the top of the plateau. This place offers a whole range of tourism attractions and a lot of experiences which makes it the best holiday destination too.

Getting there

The nearest airport is Cape Town offering great air connectivity to the rest of South Africa and the world. The aerial cable car is a great way to access the top of the summit offering a breath taking view for one of your best holiday destinations.

Things to do

1. Rock climbing
Rock climbing

Since the place is covered with cliffs all around, rock climbing is a favourite activity among all the tourists to this place. A lot of marked places, with well chalked out plans make it a safe haven for rock climbers.

2. Cableway ride
It is popular among the tourists who want to explore the top of the summit. The newer cable cars are no doubt faster, and also offer a 360 degree view of the panoramic scenery surrounding this place.

3. Table Mountain National Park
Table Mountain National Park

This National Park that aims at preserving the natural environment and conservation of some of the rarest varieties of fauna which are particular only to this region. This park covers the whole area of Table Mountain including the Devils peak, the dome of lion head and signal Hill. A whole host of activities like hiking bicycling make it a best holiday destination with inexhaustible list of activities to choose from.

4. Devil’s Peak
This cliff surrounds the Table Mountain where one can plan a lot of activities like rock climbing, hiking etc. These activities are limited to the lower levels only. Besides, this place also houses some the rare flora and vegetation too.

Abbey Manor

Abbey Manor luxury guest house is located very close to the Table Mountain, offering well appointed rooms and all activities.

Rutland Lodge Guest House Alta Bay is great places for accommodation which offer quality accommodation at reasonable prices. They are both located very close to Cape Town as well as Table Mountain.

With innumerable activities and tourist points that this place offers, it makes for one of the choicest and best holiday destination which is close to the capital town of Cape Town too.