Johannesburg – Adventure And Fun Beyond Expectations

If you are looking forward for a holiday destination that offers ultimate fun and entertainment beyond your expectations, you surely need to visit Johannesburg. It is the largest city of South Africa is known for the cultural hub of the country. The city has beautifully preserved its traditions that are smartly depicted in the several festivals that are organized in the city. The historical museums and art galleries showcase the historical aspects of the place.
Apart from this, this place is also known for its lively and vibrant night life. There are several other attractions in the city as well as adventure activities that will surely make your trip to this place a memorable one.

How to Reach?

O.R. Tambo International Airport is the international airport located in the city that receives flights from different countries and provides you a gateway to enter this place. The nearby town Cape Town also has an international airport through which you can reach this place.

Interesting places

1. Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens
Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

This botanical garden is not only known for its wide species of flora but the visitors can also have amazing views of some exotic bird species like Black Eagle. You can also enjoy a family picnic is this green place.

2. Lion Park
Have you ever dreamt of playing with a lion kid and it is yet to be fulfilled? If yes, then Lion Park is the best place for you. Visiting this park provides you an opportunity to see the lions from very close and feed other animals like giraffe.

3. Montecasino Bird Gardens
Montecasino Bird Gardens

If you wish to spend some time out watching the colorful birds, this place can be the best option for you. Along with the birds, you can also have the sightseeing of different animals and other endangered wildlife.

4. ABSA Art Gallery
This art gallery is known for preserving amazing art works of different artists residing in this area. If you are an art lover, you should surely visit this place and explore the traditional art work preserved in here.

The Michelangelo Hotel

Johannesburg offers a bunch of hotels and lodges that are known for their good hospitality and services. The top ranking hotels that can be looked upon by you include Garden Court Sandton, The Michelangelo Hotel, Protea Hotel Parktonia, The Peech Hotel etc.

Johannesburg is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world with thousands of visitors that visit this place annually. The fun and adventure will surely make your holiday a relishing one.

Cape Town – A Striking Destination With Amazing Scenic Backdrops

Cape Town is one of the most striking holiday destinations in the world and is blessed with amazing natural wonders that catch the attention of tourists from all round the world. Bring the second largest city of South Africa, it is ranked after Johannesburg and is the most visited and romantic cities. You will rest arrested by having the sightseeing of the natural wonders like Table Mountains, very often covered by clouds.
Cape Town
Apart from the scenic backdrop of the mountain, it is also a solid core that divides the city into several zones with wilderness, public gardens, forests, vineyards, trailing paths, hiking routes etc. Climbing this mountain will provide you an opportunity to enjoy the amazing views of the city.

Reaching here

Cape Town International Airport occupies the second largest position among the airports located in South Africa and is the hub for several flights that land in the city. The visitors looking forward to visit Cape Town during their holidays can easily reach here.

Places of interest

1. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

This amazingly beautiful garden was established with the sole aim of preserving the flora of the region and is really popular among the visitors for its blooming and colorful flowers of different varieties. This botanical garden is beautifully nestled in the Table Mountains and is worth a visit.

2. Two Oceans Aquarium
Being the largest aquarium of the country, this place attracts thousands of visitors from all round the world. It houses a huge species of animals in an informative and impressive manner. Here, you can get to have some amazing views of the seals having fun underwater and the divers who are certified can also get an opportunity to swim with the sharks in their tank.

3. Boulders Beach
Boulders Beach

This beach obtains its name from the round boulders that surround the swimming beach. This place is a part of the Table Mountain National Park. The visitors who love swimming can enhance their swimming experience by swimming with the African Penguins found in here. Apart from the penguins, you can also see other birds like the Crowned Cormorant and the African Black Oyster.

Mount Nelson Hotel

Though there are a good number of hotels located in Cape Town, the ones offering top notch services include Cape Heritage Hotel, Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Grace, The Table Bay Hotel etc. these hotels are known for their hospitality and luxury services.

Cape Town is a wonderful place with almost everything for people of different interests. You just need to visit this place and find the things of your interest to have ultimate fun.

Lucerne – A German Town With Amazing Hot Spots

The picturesque town of Lucerne is located in the North Western part of Switzerland. This is a German populated town is located near Lake Lucerne with a perfect backdrop of Mount Pilatus. Lucerne is a centre point to Mount Titlis as well as Mount Pilatus.
This idyllic town can be explored on the feet. From cheese factories in the neighbouring towns to the museums and monuments, and the sight of the undulating Swiss Alps, the Mount Pilatus, Lucerne is a host to various places, and tourist spots, making it one of the best holiday destinations.

Getting there

Lucerne has best connectivity in terms of train and road. The Lucerne railway station is located in the Town square links Lucerne to all the major towns of Switzerland.  A lot of busses ply within the city with excellent connectivity to each part of the town. Zurich International airport is 1 ½ hours travel from Lucerne and the well developed roads offer great connectivity too for your best holiday destination.

Places of interest

1. Mount Titlis
Mount Titlis

Journey to Mount Titlis from Lucerne takes about an hour in the train and runs along the most picturesque countryside of Switzerland. A cable car, and then a Rot air takes you to the midst of the glacier. The view and experience is simply breath taking.

2. Lucerne Bridge also known as the Chapel Bridge
It is the most important landmarks of Lucerne. It is the wooden pedestrian bridge connecting the east and the west banks.  One can find some of the original paintings mounted on the wooden frames on the ceiling which speaks about the history of the town itself.

3. Mount Pilatus
Mount Pilatus

Lucerne is a gateway to the Swiss Alps. Mount Pilatus is located close to Lucerne and can be reached by train that connects Lucerne to Obwalden. The summit can be reached by Pilatus train which is also the steepest cogwheel train too.

4. Lion Monument
It was built in commemoration to the Swiss war soldiers who were massacred during the French revolution. The sculpture of the mortally wounded lion is a storyteller of the past.

Best Western Hotel Krone

Best Western Hotel Krone : with its baroque facade and antique furniture, this hotel is good in the 3 star category.

Holiday Express Inn Luzerne: offers cosy, warm atmosphere in the 3 star category of rooms

Ambassador Hotel Lucerne: offers the modern facilities and is close to the city limits and the lake.

The quaint little town of Lucerne offers an idyllic setting for travellers who want to explore the best holiday destination.  From museums to concert halls, Chocolate shops to cheese factories, it is every gourmet’s, every visitor’s paradise on earth.