Basel – A Medieval Town With Modern Architecture And Historical Landmarks

Switzerland, being a popular tourist destination in the world attracts thousands of visitors from all round the word every year. There are several cities which can be explored by the visitors during their holiday trip. However, if you are looking forward for the best ones, you can visit the third largest city, Basel. This Old Medieval town is amazingly beautiful and is known for its modern architecture and a good number of museums. There are several other spectacular sports that invite the visitors towards this place.
These include the Rhine Falls, historical landmarks like Gothic church, magnificent parks etc. It is also the gateway to the Jura Mountains. The nearby cities like Lucerne and Zurich are also worth exploring.

Get in

Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, the tri-national airport located a few kilometers from Basel is a gateway to reach this place. This airport receives flights from all over the world and hence the visitors can easily get in here.

Sites to visit

1. Binningerstrasse

This place can be looked upon as a theme park as well as zoo which have a centralized location. This animal park is known to be the home for several threatened species. Here the reproduction of such animals is carried out so as to preserve the species. There is also a picnic area and a restaurant where you can have fun.

2. Town Hall
The Town Hall is a historical building that dates back to 16C and is maintained and restored amazingly till today. The amazing architecture of this place is worth a visit. it also comprises of the statue of the founder of this town named, Munatius Plancus.

3. Kunstmuseum

This museum showcases a great art work that dates to 19th and 20th century. The extensive collection of the art works stored here are really precious. This museum also houses the incredible paintings by Picasso.

4. Basel Zoo
This zoo is considered as the largest house for animals. There are a wide range of animals that are kept here mainly for the entertainment of the people. You can either enjoy a family picnic here or explore the place to have a sightseeing of the animals.

Hotel Krafft Basel

There are a good number of hotels located in Basel which are known for their excellent services. The best ones having 5 star reviews include Hotel Krafft Basel, Radisson Blu Hotel, Hotel St. Gotthard etc.

Basel is an amazing place with numerous historical landmarks worth a visit. The visitors from all round the world should surely visit this place for their holidays.

Zurich – A Hub Of Museums And Renowned Architecture

Zurich is the one of the liveliest cities located in Switzerland and is known to be the top holidaying destinations in the world. The city is the home to innumerable art galleries, incredible architecture and renowned museums. If you are not an art enthusiast, you need not to worry as there are several other pursuits that can be enjoyed by you.
These include swimming in the lake Zurich, hiking near Uetliberg and enjoying the sightseeing at the Rhine waterfalls. You will also be excited to know that the nightlife here is also thrilling and can provide you an opportunity to have ultimate fun.

Getting in

One of the largest and busiest airports in Switzerland is the Zurich airport through which the visitors can easily reach to their holiday destination. The place is well connected to different modes of transport allowing the tourists to explore the city with ease and comfort.

Places to visit

1. Bahnhofstrasse

If you are shopping enthusiast, you should never miss this place as it is known for its busy shopping streets. You can stroll about in the streets and find a complete collection of various brands present in the market.

2. Landesmuseum
It is the biggest museums located in Switzerland that was established in the year 1898. You will really get impressed with the architecture of this place. Apart from the amazing artifacts and things of historical importance, there is also a wonderful park and numerous towers that are worth a visit.

3. Zoological Garden
Zoological Garden

Listed among the top notch zoos in Europe, the zoological garden in Zurich is the home to thousands of animals. This zoo is the best place for kids to have fun and entertainment and also allows you view some amazing animals in this region.

4. Zurichsee and Lake Promenade
The back portion of the Lake Zurich is tangled with promenades, gardens and parks which is collectively called as Lake Promenade. This amazing place offers picturesque scenery to the visitors with lots of activities that can be enjoyed by the visitors. You can enjoy a picnic or go for boating and have fun.

Resting in Zurich is always lavish with so many luxury hotels and apartments available at affordable prices. Apart from hotels, there are several restaurants and coffee houses as well as nightclubs that are always ready to provide you thrilling experiences.

Zurich is a lively place with fun mixed in its air. This hot spot holiday destination is one of the most preferred places for holidays in the world and deserved a visit.