Montreux – A Breathtaking City With Panoramic Views

Mountreux is a beautiful city located in Switzerland and is known for its lush, green vineyards and snow covered glittering Alps. Nestled in the Bay of Lake Geneva, this place is an ultimate spot for fun and excitement. The major attraction of this place is the Montreux Jazz Festival which is held in the month of June and July and boasts about the concerts on a wide range of stages.
Apart from this concert, there are evergreen parks and vineyards that can be explored by you. In addition to the natural beauty, there are several historical places also that can be explored by you during your vacations.

Get in

Geneva Cointrin International Airport is an international airport located near Montreux and is well connected to the European hubs. The visitors from all round the world can visit this place comfortably by making bookings in any of the flights that land on this airport.

Major attractions

1. Chillon Castle
Chillon Castle

This castle is situated on an Island which is known as the Rocky Island and features towers and fortified walls. This castle is now converted into a museum and exhibits some amazing artifacts of the history of this place. Apart from the history, the architecture of this place is worth exploring.

2. Montreux Jazz Festival
This festival is one of the major attractions of Montreux and attracts thousands of visitors from all round the world. Organized in the months of June and July, this festival provides an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy the best Jazz and other music forms from the top artists from all round the world.

3. Marmots' Paradise
Marmots' Paradise

This paradise comprises of forest trails that can be explored by you. Here you can get to see a perfect combination of caves, wildlife and grottos. Walking down the forest exploring the nearby small villages will really be a fun thing to do.

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If you are looking for a luxury and comfortable accommodation where you can relax after a complete day of fun, there are a wide range of hotels to make a selection. From the various luxury hotels, you can surely select the top notch ones. These include Hotel Eden Palace Au Lac, La Rouvenaz, Hotel Eurotel Riviera, Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic etc. As far as the eating places are concerned, there are numerous restaurants where you can taste some gourmet dishes.

Montreux is a paradise and its hidden natural treasures are worth exploring. Visiting this place during winters also provides an opportunity to the guests to enjoy skiing on the snow covered mountains.