San Gimignano – An Amazing Place With Historical Wonders

San Gimignano is a small medieval town located in Tuscany. This place ranks among the top notch tourist destinations in Italy known for its amazing art and beautiful towers that dates back to 1348. The well preserved history of this place is worth a visit and provides an opportunity to the visitors to explore this small village on foot.
San Gimignano
Apart from the 14 stone towers, there are several other things that will catch your attention. Do not forget visiting the nearby places like Florence, Siena and the most thrilling Venice during your trip to Italy. These vibrant cities have an entertaining atmosphere will incredible bars and restaurants to have fun.

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The small village of San Gimignano is located in the northern part of Italy and can only be reached by bus. The visitors can reach the country via airplane and land on the nearby airports like Venice Marco Polo Airport. From there, they can reach the cities of Florence and Siena and reach their final holiday destination.

Places to visit

1. SanGimignano1300 Museum
SanGimignano1300 Museum

If you are a history buff and wish to collect some information regarding the historical aspects of the city, this museum can be the best option for you. Here, you can collect information regarding the historical, architectural and social aspects of the city dating back to the middle age. The museum is located centrally in the city and offers free entry. A guided tour to this place will provide you information about the amazing facts of this medieval city.

2. The 14 Stone towers
These towers were built with the aim of protecting the city from invasions and attacks. Originally, there were 72 towers, of which, only 14 are remaining. This place holds the major historical importance and is worth a visit.

3. Collegiate Church of San Gimignano
Collegiate Church of San Gimignano

This Roman Catholic Church is situated centrally in the heart of Piazza del Duomo. The amazing carvinsg and works on the walls of the church are the major attraction of this place. This church is also listed in the UNESCO world heritage site for its outstanding beauty and architecture.

Hotel Vecchio Asilo

Finding a luxury or budget friendly place for a stay is easier in San Gimignano. There are a wide range of hotels from which you can select the one that suits your preferences and requirements. Some hotels that you can consider include Hotel Antico Pozzo, La Cisterna, Hotel Vecchio Asilo, Hotel Sovestro and Villasanpaolo.

A visit to San Gimignano can be relishing for the history buffs and those who are not much into history can explore the natural beauty and architecture of this place.

Venice - An Oasis Of Romance

An internetwork of canals and bridges, Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Nestled in the northern part of Italy, it comprises of 118 islands connected via canals. The most significant feature of the city is its constant look through ages. Over centuries, there have been no major changes made to the city which has given it a historical and renaissance feel. It has become a popular tourist destination for many and has roughly more tourists in the city than the actual residents.
The best time of the year when you can visit Venice is during the summer and the spring where the moderate temperature and the tourist load will give you an exhilarating experience. The nearby cities like San Gimignano and Manarola are also worth a visit as they are known for comprising the historical wonders.

Getting in

Though the major mode of transportation in Venice is through waterways, the closest airport there is the Marco Polo airport from which you can continue through a shuttle bus or a city bus. Getting in by car can be troublesome due to the expensive parking and the lack of roads. The most efficient way to get in the city would be to hire the services of water taxis and jetties.

Major attractions

1. Churches

There are a large number of historically significant cathedrals and churches in Venice such as Saint Mark’s Basilica, Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, etc. The buildings have been preserved in all their glory and offer a unique significance to the city.

2. Doge’s Palace
It is one of the major landmarks in the city and constructed using Venetian gothic architecture.

3. Jewish Ghetto of Venice
Jewish Ghetto of Venice

Home to five synagogues, this neighborhood has flourished and Jews lead an active life even today as the majority race.

4. Museums
There are many famous museums in Venice such as Mocenigo Palace, La Fenice theatre, etc. that offers a unique taste of its rich cultural heritage.

5. Gondola rides
Gondola rides

They offer a unique peek into the city’s architecture and are considered around the world as one of the best romantic experiences that you can have.

Due to its historical importance and demand from the tourism sector, most lodges and accommodation in Venice is quite expensive. Bed and Breakfasts in Venice offer you the best place to stay at affordable prices while offering the best amenities and connectivity to the rest of the city. As it is well connected by ferries and taxi boats, getting around the city is quite easy and simple as well.

Valais – A Skiing Paradise Perfect For A Winter Vacation

Valais is a narrow, long, L-shaped valley located between two alpine mountains.
This place is known for the best skiing resorts in the world and being the major attraction for the tourists, this place receives thousands of visitors. The fun and excitement is not only limited to skiing but visiting this place also provides an opportunity to the visitors to enjoy the sightseeing of the panoramic views of the landscapes, snow covered mountains and woods, hidden treasures in the forest areas and much more.

Getting in

The international airports located in Zurich and Geneva are the nearest destinations where visitors can land. Both the airports are well connected to trains and buses and allow the guests to reach their destination easily.

Major attractions

1. Furka Pass
Furka Pass

The Furks pass is an amazing drive way offering the sightseeing of the amazing mountains and valleys and snow covered hills. While driving through this pass, you will surely get compelled to stop and enjoy the sightseeing of the natural wonders.

2. Eskimos Ski school
If you wish to have some fun and adventure, you can visit this school and get the initial training lessons for safe skiing. The experts will train you here and you can get on the mountains to enjoy the fun and adventure.

3. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise
Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

This place is located at the top of the mountain and you can take a gondola to reach here. The glacier paradise offers amazing views of the landscapes which can be enjoyed by you.

Hôtel Alpina

There are so many hotels in Valais suiting the budget needs of almost all the visitors. You can easily find hotels ranging from luxury hotels to mid-range hotels. All of them are known for their hospitality and top class services. The best ones that you can consider include Hôtel Alpina, Hôtel Les Becs-de-Bosson, Hotel Grimentz Restaurant de Moiry, Hôtel Weisshorn, Berghaus Toni etc.

Valais is a stunning snow covered destination that offers extreme fun and enjoyment to the visitors. The skiing areas located here rank among the top notch skiing areas in the world. Apart from skiing the visitors can also enjoy hiking, mountain climbing and sledging.

If you are all set to visit this place in your vacations, you should make all the required bookings for a comfortable journey and look forward to earn cherishing memories.

An Adventurous Trip To Interlaken – A Destination Amazingly Nestled In The Mountains

Interlaken, a small city located in Bernese Oberland is an outstanding place to have fun and adventure. This vacation destination is an ideal place for those who love adventure as the sporting options here are amazing. The various sports that can be enjoyed by the visitors here include ski lifts, hiking, chair lifts, excursions etc.
Apart from the adventure, you can also enjoy the sightseeing of the mountains in the backdrops like Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch. This city is crowded in all seasons by the adventure lovers.

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This small but amazingly beautiful city is well connected to all the main cities of Switzerland including Luzern, Geneva, Zurich, Berne and Basel via railways. The tourists can reach Switzerland by airways and take a bus or train to get into this small city where several wonders await you.

Major attractions

1. Adventure sports
This place offers a complete bunch of sports that can trigger the adrenaline rush in your body. Some of the adventure that you can enjoy here includes paragliding, bungee jumping, hand gliding, river rafting, and rock climbing. There are some dangerous hiking trails also which can be explored by you.

2. Sledging

If you are ready to take up this challenging task, you can take up the gondola and reach Faulhorn. You can take a sledge here and enjoy sledging taking the amazing views of the Mountains and Alps.

3. Skiing
This is another wonderful sport that you can enjoy during your trip. Apart from the skiing facilities in day, you can also enjoy them during the night time.

4. St. Beatus Caves 
St. Beatus Caves

Apart from adventure, there is much more that can be explored by you and one such exciting place is the St. Beatus caves. These limestone caves boast of impressive hallways, stalagmites and stunning waterfalls. You can either explore this region on foot or hire a bus as per your comfort.

5. Hoheweg Green area
This green area runs between the Ost Railway station and the Interlaken West. You will enjoy walking at this place with the greenery all around and magnificent views of the snow-covered mountain Jungfrau.

Hotel Interlaken

There are a wide range of options available to the visitors for enjoying a comfortable stay. You can easily find a hotel here irrespective of your budget. The hotels that stand at the top notch list include Hotel Interlaken, City Oberland Swiss Q Hotel, Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau, Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage etc.

Interlaken is an amazing place for adventure lovers, however, there are several other impressive spots that are worth visiting.