Sedona – An Incredible Town With Beautiful Landscapes And Exciting Festivals

Sedona is an amazing place offering a wide range of natural wonders that will leave you speechless. This amazing destination is known for its amazing art and vibrant art galleries that are the perfect places for art enthusiasts. Situated in the northern part of Phoenix, Sedona is a part of Arizona and comprises of some amazing rock formations, especially Red Rocks.
Apart from the breathtaking landscapes, there are excellent opportunities for outdoor fun and adventure with hiking and mountain biking opportunities. 

Reaching here
The city of Sedona is small and there is a small airport in the city, Sedona Airport. The airport is not big enough to deal with jet traffic from all round the world and hence the people from all round the world can reach in here by landing in Phoenix international airport.

Major attractions

1. Chapel of the Holy Cross
Chapel of the Holy Cross

Located high on the rocks, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is an amazing place to enjoy the sightseeing of the complete area. You can climb up the rocks and enjoy the magnificent views of the town.

2. Cathedral Rock Trail
The cathedral rock trail is an amazing place with lines of amazing sandstone formations that can be explored by you. The views here are amazingly beautiful and most of the people come here to capture the incredible sunsets that are really impressive and breathtaking.

3. Bell Rock
Bell Rock

Located to the north of the Oak Creek , the Bell Rock is a populous destination. The elevation of the peak is 4,919 feet and offers amazing views of the city. If you are adventurous, you can go rock climbing and explore the top part of the rock.

Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa

The accommodation options in Sedona, Arizona are numerous, you just need to decide upon your budget and requirements. Off the several hotels, located in the city, the ones that can be considered by you include Hyatt Pinon Pointe Resort, Orchards Inn, Best Western Arroyo Roble Hotel & Creek, Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel, Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa and L`Auberge De Sedona. Apart from good hospitality and friendly staff, these hotels are also known for providing delicious cuisine.

Sedona is an incredible city and can be referred to as Rock City due to the several amazing rock formations that occurred over time. Exploring these red rocks and enjoying the exotic views of the nature can be the best thing that you can do during your trip. Those who love adventure can go for hiking and rock climbing also.

Miami – A Sizzling City With Sunny Beaches And Blazing Nightlife

USA is a hub for some amazing tourist destinations like Honolulu and Poconos but one tourist destination that attractions thousands of visitors from all round the world is Miami. This vivacious city is known for its sizzling nightlife and Latin culture. This place serves as a melting point of different ethnic cultures and you will experience diversity in culture here, during your trip. Located on the coasts of Atlantic Ocean, this port city also provides an opportunity to the visitors to enjoy a cruise.
The major attractions of the city include the family resorts, sunny beaches, amusement parks, Art deco architecture and much more. From national parks to sports, there is everything which you might expect from this city.

Reaching here
Miami International Airport is the airport that receives international flights from different nations. The airport is located in the western part of the city and provides easy access to this place.

Major attractions

1. Oleta River State Recreation Park
Oleta River State Recreation Park

This amusement park is an outstanding place to have ultimate fun with your family. It is ranked among the largest amusement parks in Florida with well organized picnic areas, beaches and playgrounds for kids. There is also a mangrove island situated in the premises of the park that can be explored by you using a kayak.

2. Miami Seaquarium
If you wish to have some sightseeing of the amazing marine animals, this place can be the best option for you. Spread in an area of 38 acres, this aquarium features a wide range of sea animals and animal shows that can be explored by you.

3. Beaches
Miami Beach

Miami is known for its sandy beaches and the visitors would surely like to explore some during their visit to this place. The major beaches that offer ultimate fun and water activities include the Miami Beach, the Haulover Park Beach and many others. 

4. Nightlife
You should not miss visiting the thrilling bars and night clubs in Miami as the place is known for its vibrant nightlife. There are series of clubs that provide an opportunity to the visitors to rock and have fun.

The Biltmore Hotel

Miami is one of the top tourist destinations in the USA and hence there are a series of luxury hotels developed to provide a high level of comfort to the visitors. Some of the top notch choices for accommodation include The Biltmore Hotel, The Palms Hotel & Spa, Sofitel Miami, Epic Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Miami etc.

Miami is a complete fun and entertaining place that can prove to be a perfect destination for your holidays.