Andaman and Nicobar Islands – A fun-filled holiday destination

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A group of more than 600 islands south of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the best holiday destinations for people all over the world. The coral reefs and beaches lining the islands have managed to attract a good deal of tourists every year. The dense forests and beaches make it a host for many exotic animals and birds. It is considered as to be one of the best honeymoon destinations for its serene and calm atmosphere and exhilarating beauty. The summer months offer get best time for tourism as they can enjoy the warm atmosphere and indulge in activities such as diving and swimming.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
The islands experience occasional showers throughout the year. Only a few islands are open for tourism as there are many native tribes and cultures that have remained isolated for many years.

Getting there

All on Indians who want to visit the place will first have to obtain a restricted area permit that allows them to stay in the islands for 30 days. However, the stay can be extended to another 15 days in special cases. The airport in Port Blair is the only mode of transportation by air. It has well connected flights from many popular cities and destinations. However, ships and ferries remain the most common and used mode of transportation. They are cheap and abundantly available throughout the islands. To get the best deals and offers on your travel, it is best to book and plan well in advance.

Places of Interest

1. Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

Scuba diving has been the most popular source of attraction for Andaman over the years. The breathtaking marine life and reefs with clear water attracts a good deal of divers from around the world. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National park and South Cinque Island are some of the popular destinations in diving.

2. Surfing and Snorkeling
These fun filled activities are a great way to spend the day having fun outdoors. Little Andaman, North Bay and Jolly Buoy Island are some of the popular destinations.

3. Coral reefs
Coral reefs

Glass bottom boats can allow you to get a close and beautiful view of the coral reefs in many places in Andaman. Diving and snorkeling is also a common way to explore the reefs.

The laid back atmosphere and the many activities available have made Andaman one of the most popular destinations in India for holidays and leisure.

Dalhousie - A Quiet And Ideal Hill Station

Popularized by many as the ideal destination for honeymoons, it has gained quite a reputation due to its calm, quiet and serene atmosphere. There has been little effect due to urbanization as the city still retains its natural charm and looks. Located in Himachal Pradesh, this is not the place for tourists who are looking for shopping complexes or malls. The most attractive feature of the hill station lies in its simplicity. There are many scenic views and treks available which offers the best holiday for nature lovers.
Though the climate fluctuates through the day, it is mostly pleasant and convenient. However, the winter months are cold and chilly and cover the small hill station with fog.

Getting there

There are many airports near Dalhousie that makes it well connected by air. However, the frequency of fog in the area leads to the cancellation of many flights. Therefore, travel by train or by buses is the most used and inexpensive mode of transportation in the area. The many taxi services available in the area also help you to get into the hill resort conveniently. However, they can be relatively expensive when compared to buses or trains. Shared taxis are a good way to save money and reduce the travel expenses.

Places of Interest

1. Khajjiar

One of the most popular attraction in the area, Khajjiar is a breathtaking valley that has a spring in its midst. It is frequented by tourists and locals in the summer due to its scenic beauty and breathtaking views.

2. Kalatop Wildlife Reserve
A recognized game sanctuary, it attracts a good deal of tourists and visitors to the area. It is the perfect spot for weekend retreats and picnics. There are many guided jeep tours and rides available that can give you the perfect way to explore the region safely. Covering an area of 3069 hectares, the reserve goes through many villages, hills, rivers and lakes. This has made it an ideal and preferred spot for trekking and other adventurous activities.

3. Upper Bakrota
Upper Bakrota

The heights area in Dalhousie, it is dotted with many residential areas, schools and an army barracks. It offers a good insight into the architecture and the general design of the buildings in the area.

All these features make Dalhousie a preferred holiday destination for tourists who are looking for a calm and serene destination. However, it is best if you plan your trip well in advance to avoid last minute expenses and delays.

Lakshadweep - An oasis of peace and serenity

Being one of the smallest union territories of India, it is situated 400 km to its west in the Arabian Sea. It consists of a group of islands some of which are uninhabited. The beautiful culture and the friendliness of the local manage to attract a good deal of tourists every year making it a popular holiday destination in India. The best time to visit Lakshadweep is during the period between May and December as the temperature becomes cool and pleasant. There are many coral reefs and diving spots around the place which attracts people who are interested in exploring the marine life and culture.
Even if you are an Indian or otherwise, everybody requires permission before they can enter the islands. However, tourists from other countries will be restricted to accessing only a few islands and places.

Getting there

Most who want to visit Lakshadweep usually reach their via Kochi. There is a single flight from Kochi to Agatti, which you can use to get to the islands by plane. However, ships are the most common modes of transportation. There are regular cruises and trips to Lakshadweep which the tourists can use to get into the islands. The best way to enter the islands by obtaining the permit is to book a tour package from the island’s tourism operators.

Places of Interest

1. Agatti Island
Agatti Island

This is one of the most popular and developed island in the Lakshadweep. It is dominated by both tourists and locals can give you the best taste of their culture and local life. Especially famous for its coral reefs, it manages to attract a greater number of scuba divers and swimmers who can explore the marine life through snorkeling, diving and swimming.

2. Kavaratti Islands
Equally popular in terms of tourism, the island is home to a large number of mosques. It is well developed and offers you a taste of the rich and the diverse culture of Lakshadweep.

3. Bangaram

An oasis for beach lovers, the island is dotted with beaches lined with palm trees and other marine life. This has made it a popular destination giving the tourists a chance to explore the beautiful sandy beaches and sea with ease.

The many options and places of interest have made Lakshadweep one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. The trips are affordable and can give you the holiday and break that you have been looking for.

Nainital - A paradise amidst the hills

Named after the goddess Naina Devi and the lake, Nainital has become one of the most popular hill stations in India. Tucked between the Kumaon hills and separated by a serene lake. It is considered as one of the Himalayan jewels containing varying topography and serene climate. The best time to visit this hill station would be in the summer months between May and July where the temperature is warm and pleasant. Snowfall and cold comes along with the winter months with the temperatures plunging to sub-zero conditions.
This popular hill resort is ideal for people who are looking to get back in touch with Mother Nature. Most known for its epic view spots, neonatal offers you bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

Getting there

The nearest railway station to Nainital is the Kathgodam station from which you will have to board a taxi or a bus. Taxis are available on a shared basis which can reduce the cost of travel and expense per person. If you are looking to get to the hill station by car, you will be in for a pleasant driving experience. The route is mostly through highways and takes you through scenic drives and breathtaking views. There are also many bus and taxi services available from Delhi and many other popular cities and states.

Getting around the hill station is also quite simplified. Though the best way to explore is on foot, you can also consider cycle rickshaws which is a cheap and an efficient way to get around the place.

Places of Interest

1. Snow View
Snow View

One of the most attractive features of Nainital, it offers spectacular views of the surroundings and specially the Naina Devi peak. The facility also has many amusement rides such as Bumping cars and Go Karting which can be enjoyed by all. You can reach the place via ropeways or treks.

2. Guano Hills
A famous spot for bird lovers, the hills are tucked amidst dense forests and habitats which can give you glimpses of rare birds and wildlife. Many natural trails are available using which you can organize walks and treks.

3. Boating

Probably the most attractive feature, boating in Nainital can offer you exhilarating views of the place in a serene and calm atmosphere. Tourists can hire different types of boats depending on their needs ranging from self paddle boats to yachts with paddlers.

These features make Nainital a popular destination for many who are looking to get back in touch with nature and explore a Himalayan Jewel through treks and boat rides.

Ooty - The perfect Hill resort for tourists

Nestled in the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty, short for Ootacamund is a popular hill resort in south India. Though the weather drops to 0 degrees in the winter, it has a pleasant climate through the summer which makes it the ideal time for visit. Dense vegetation, gardens and trees give it a very scenic look and make it one of the most preferred holiday destinations for many. However, the small hill resort has been subjected to overcrowding from tourists and locals which has led to the decline and deterioration of natural resources.
There are many small towns and villages around Ooty, which can reduce your expenses in stay and accommodation. Ideal for nature lovers, this serene and calm hill resort is the perfect break from the busy city life.

Getting there

The Coimbatore airport is the closest to Ooty offering well connected flights and options throughout popular cities and locations. You can also get into the hill resort by train by boarding the Nilgiris Express. There are other cheaper modes of transportation such as buses and shared taxis that frequent the resort. Train and bus rides to the resort take you through scenic and beautiful routes that show you the natural beauty of the area. As it is well connected by good roads and highways, you can also get into the resort by car.

Places of Interest

1. Ooty Botanical Gardens
Ooty Botanical Gardens

Established in 1847, the beautiful gardens are maintained by the horticulture department. Housing a large number of plants and species, it offers tourists a good insight into the wildlife and natural fossils in the area.

2. Tea gardens
Ooty is famous for the vast number of tea gardens and resorts that line the place. There are many sellers and hawkers who approach you with samples of tea and encourage you to buy them. The various tea plantations offer a picturesque view of the resort.

3. Dodabetta peak
Dodabetta peak

At an altitude of over 2600 meters, it is the highest point in the district offering you the best scenic view and vantage point for the area. The peak offers you stunning views of the valleys below along with views of plains of Coimbatore and Mysore. The trek can lead you through stunning and captivating natural scenes.

Along with the cool and pleasant climate, the many attractions and places of interest makes Ooty a preferred holiday destination for many. The travel and tours are inexpensive and you are guaranteed to have a great time in Ooty.

Manali - A Hilly Paradise Worth Exploring

A hill station situated at a height of 6400 feet in the himalayas, it offers exhorting beauty and breath taking views of the mountains. It is a popular tourist spot for many both in the summer and the winter. In cold weather, it transforms itself into a snow covered winter offering scenic view of nature and the mountains. The most common attraction for tourists are the treks. By consulting any local tourist guides, you can find some of the most amazing trekking places in the world. Dense forests and tall mountains gives an amazing chance for nature lovers to get a glimpse of extotic wildlife in the region. It is also popular for its Skiing resorts and tracks.

Getting there

570 km from Delhi, the capital of India, the most common mode of transport to Manali is by bus. As they are in demand throughout the year, it is best if the tourist book their bus travel well in advance. Necessary precautions must also be taken to make the bus rides more comfortable in the winding mountain paths. Private taxis and trains are also available in plenty using which you can get into the city. Trains have tracks that lead to amazing views and scenery of the hills and forest surrounding the area. 

Places of Interest

1. Rohtang pass
Rohtang pass

It is a hilly pass located between mountains that shows the tourists and visitors the true meaning of majesty. The mountains stretch far into the skies and creates beautiful scenery and surrounding for the visitors.

2. Temples
There are many temples and shrines in the area that are dedicated to different gods and goddesses primarily of the Hindu mythology. Hadimba temple, Maa Sharvari temple and Beas Kund are the popular temples in the area that are of significance and importance.

3. Jogini falls
Jogini falls

Though getting there requires trekking through forests and paths, it offers a beautiful view of a majestic waterfall.

4. Hot water springs
There are many hot water springs in the area such as Vashist hot water springs and Kalath Hot water springs that can be hired by tourists and used to relax and enjoy.

5. Monasteries

There are also many buddhist monasteries in the areas that are of religious significance and importance. The area surrounding them is calm and serene offering a peaceful atmosphere to visitors.

6. Zana Falls

A waterfall that is worth visiting, it offers an exotic glimpse into the beauty and serenity of Manali.

Shimla - A Serene Wonderland With Amazing Wonders

Being the capital of himachal pradesh, Shimla is a beautiful city famous as a popular holiday retreat during the summer months. Tucked between man hills and mountains, the city offers a beautiful panoramic view of nature. It has a rich history behind it ever since India regained her independence. Many buildings are of the british era and there is a major influence of the Victorian Architecture.
Due to its alluring climate and beautiful surroundings, the British had named the city as their summer capital. Specially for nature lovers, there are many paths and trails that you can take giving you rare insights to exotic birds and animals.

Getting there

You can get to Shimla by train through Kalka. The track leads through mountains and offers stunning views of nature due to which it has been granted the status of a UNESCO world heritage site. However, it is important to book your travel way in advance to avoid last minute rush and problems. Shimla even has its own airport which makes travel easier for most people. You can even hire taxis and cabs to drive your way into the city.

Places of Interest

1. The Mall
It is the most established and popular shopping complexes in Shimla. It offers one of the longest stretch of pedestrian shopping in the world. Well equipped with banks, restaurants and retail outlets, it caters to all the needs of shoppers there.

2. Christ Church
Christ Church

Built in 1846, it is one of the oldest churches in North India. Its beautiful architecture complete with stained glass and frescos give the visitors a unique glimpse into the christian faith and belief.

3. Viceregal Lodge
Under the guidance of Lord Dufferin, the lodge is a British Mansion which still holds historical significance. There are many guided tours available and since the entry is cheap, visitors can get a unique taste of the city’s rich past and history.

4. State Museum
Housing many different artifacts from all over the city, it offers a unique glimpse into the way of life and the culture of the people.

5. Tara Devi temple
Tara Devi temple

Named After one of the many forms of goddess Kali, it is a well maintained and revered temple atop a steep hill. The temple offers exhilarating views of the mountains and nature.

6. Kinnaur Kailash Parikrama Trek
One of the most beautiful place in Himachal pradesh, it offers the best view and experience of nature to tourists. The place is surrounded by tibet and is carefully tucked between mountains and forests.