Panchgani – A Refreshing Escape From A Hectic Life

A refreshing destination with eternal beauty and tranquility is a place that is often searched for by the people who have a hectic schedule and are really stressed out. One such inviting place that can provide you a peaceful environment to relax in the amazing natural wonders is Panchgani. This beautiful and small hill town is located a few miles away from Mumbai is often visited by the people to stay away from the hustles and bustles of the city life.
The town is beautifully sandwiched between five hills and offers amazing sightseeing with craggy cliffs, tablelands and dense vegetation. The astonishing sunsets couples with cool and refreshing breeze makes this place one of the most relaxing hill stations worth visiting.

Get in

There are several ways in which one can reach this small hill station. However, the most convenient and accepted one is airways. The tourists can reach in here by taking a flight either to the Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport or a domestic airport in Pune. In addition to airways, railways and buses are also an effective means of transport to reach Panchgani.

Places to visit

1. Table Land
Table Land

A charming and majestic mountain plateau, Table Land is made up of laterite rocks and holds the honor of occupying the second largest plateau in Asia. The views of the city from the highest point of the plateau are breathtaking. In addition to the magical beauty, this place also provides an opportunity for the children to enjoy different games.

2. Rajpuri Caves
Located 7 Km from the hill station, Rajpuri caves is one of the best hot spots for adventure lovers. These caves have a historical significance and are considered as a respected place of Hindus. The Kartik Swami Temple surrounded by different water kunds is the major attraction of this place.

3. Parsi Point
Parsi Point

A picnic is the best way of having ultimate fun with your family and friends. An ideal place to go on a picnic is Parsi Point which amazingly stands with the backdrops of Dhom Dam. This place offers amazing sightseeing of Wai valley and you can also capture some panoramic views of the valley.

4. Lingmala Falls
Waterfalls attract the attention of the tourists due to several reasons mainly after the rainy season as the waterfalls are flooded with waters with greenery all around. The Lingmala waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls that not only offers amazing views but also provides opportunities of swimming and having fun. During a visit to this place, the guests can also visit the nearby waterfalls like Chinaman's Waterfall and Dhobi Waterfall.

Panchgani is though a small hill station; it has everything for making a holiday the most cherishing one.

Khandala – A Spellbinding Treasure Worth Exploring

Have you got stressed out and bored of your regular routines life and are looking forward to- go on a vacation? If yes, then you might be looking for a place that has a peaceful atmosphere and greenery all over. Only a hill station can meet all these requirements and one such enticing place that is blessed with greenery and offers peace and tranquility is Khandala. This hill station is situated at a small distance from Mumbai and can be easily reached via car or bus.
The amazing scenery, surrounding waterfalls, timeless hill resorts and splendid valleys will surely help you enjoy some moments of pleasure. The sunsets, train rides through the tunnels etc. are some things that provide an exciting experience to the visitors compelling them to visit this place again and again.

Getting in

As Khandala is a small hill station located near Mumbai, the nearest airport is the Mumbai airport. The tourists can land in Mumbai and take a train or bus or hire a car to reach their holiday destination.

Major attractions

1. Duke's Nose
Duke's Nose

It is a cliff that receives its name from Duke Wellington having a pointed nose. The cliff resembles a pointed nose and hence names so. It also has a close resemblance to a snake’s hood and hence is also called as Nagfani. The scenic beauty of this place is speechless and the tourists also like to visit this place due to its mountain climbing trail.

2. Karla and Bhaja Cave
These caves dates back to 2nd century and were designed by cutting the rocks. These historical caves are situated 16 Km from the hill station and attract tourists due to its magnificent beauty and antiquity. The surrounding hills add to the beauty of this place.

3. Tiger's Leap
Tiger's Leap

Tiger’s leap is a valley that is named so because a far view of this valley showcases a tiger leaping into the valley. The tourists are provided special care so that they can enjoy the sightseeing of the valley in an amazing and safe manner. The beauty of this place is really breathtaking.

4. Lohagad Fort
This fort is located at a height of 1,052m and you will have to climb the hill in order to reach there. The amazing views of the surroundings from the top are magnificent. You can get yourself photographs with the best backgrounds and earn memories for your life time.

Khandala is though a small hill station, it is blessed with amazing natural treasures that are worth exploring.

Mumbai – A Lively Place With A Vivacious Atmosphere

Mumbai is a magnet that draws people from all round the world. This place is the capital city of Maharashtra and is known for several things, the major one being the hometown of the Bollywood stars.Considered as the commercial capital of India, this large city has everything that you might expect from a holiday destination.
The sea, the beaches, picturesque landscapes, luxury accommodations etc. are the major attractions that attract thousands of tourists to this place every year.

Reaching Mumbai

Mumbai being the largest city in India is well connected to all the major parts of the world via airways. Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the airport that connects this place to London, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and several other places. It also has a domestic terminal that connects this place to the major cities in India thus, making it comfortable for both the local and international visitors to reach Mumbai in a comfortable and safe manner.

Major attractions

1. Sanjay Gandhi National park
Sanjay Gandhi National park

Earlier known by the name of Borivali National park, this national park is a protected area and serves as a preserve for the animals. Located in the suburban part of the city, this park is not only the home to diverse flora and fauna, it also showcases rocky cliffs and greenery. While exploring the place, you might come across the animals like Rhesus Macaque, Chital, Indian Hare, Porcupine, Sambar Deer, four-horned antelope and many others.

2. Elephanta Island
This Island is basically known for its caves which are enriched with amazing rock carvings and architectural wonders. The beautifully carved caves reflect the cultural past of the Indians. Most of the carvings depict Lord Shiva. These caves are listed in the UNESCO world heritage site and are worth exploring.

3. Beaches
Juhu Beach

There are a number of beaches in Mumbai that offer plenty of fun and entertainment to the guests. The beaches that can be visited by you include Aksa Beach, Marve Beach, Juhu Beach etc. the beach side activities are really fun.

4. Kamala Nehru Park
If you are looking forward to enjoy a picnic with your family, this park can be an ideal location. Considered as the oldest park in Mumbai named after the wife of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the major attraction of this park is the shoe house that is named as Old Woman’s Shoe. It is due to this feature that this park is also known by the name of Shoe Park.

Mumbai is a hub of tourists because it has a lot to explore and see and planning in advance will let you know the places that you should not miss like Essel, World, Kanheri caves, Powai lake etc.