Ko Lanta Yai – An Island Paradise For The Newlywed Couples

Ko Lanta Yai is situated at a distance of about 70 kilometers from the southern region of Krabi Town. It is considered as one of the largest island among the fifty two islands of Koh Lanta. However, if you are in search of a peaceful and charming environment with homely comforts, this island is best for you. The unspoiled nature, rugged mountains, lush forested hills, sand and gravel beaches, colorful coral reefs, clear water and traditional cuisine proffers a wonderful retreat to the honeymooners.
Ko Lanta Yai
The unique traditional customs and lifestyle of this region, differentiates the residents of here from others. The visitors can also enjoy the pleasure of some festivals celebrated in this region.

Reaching Here
The airways seems to be the best option for travelling to long distances as it saves time and saves you from a tiring and a bore journey. The couples can fly to Krabi by the two airlines serving this place, the Thai Airway and Thai Air Asia. Bangkok Airways also offers some flights that can be boarded by you.

Sites to Visit

1. Ko Lanta Marine National Park 
This marine national park comprises of fourteen islands. The couples can rent a boat and go paddling to Ko Rok Nai Bay, known for fine coral reefs and considered as a best place for snorkeling. While exploring this park, you can come across several limestone formations that resulted into caves.

2. Tham Mai Kaew Caves
Tham Mai Kaew Caves

Exploring this cave system is full of adventures. Take a small lamp with you along with your partner and go discovering the fossils and crystallized waterfalls embedded in the walls of the caves. Crawling through the narrow tunnels watching the amazing formations provides excitement. Located in the central mountainous regions this outlet of the cave opens in dense forests where you can have some stunning views of the nature.

3. Urak Lawoy musical festivals 
This festival is organized generally in the months of November and June. This three day musical festival is full of pomp and show with glittering sea water in the moonlit night and light breeze blowing across the trees. You can enjoy some traditional music and food with your spouse during this festival.


Pimalai Resort
Pimalai Resort

This resort offers one of the best accommodation facilities to the couples seeking a romantic location for their honeymoon. Situated in between the rainforest this place beautifully connects to the silver sea. Located in a large area, this resort is divided into several sections like deluxe, Pavilion Suite, Pool Villa and Beach Villa. This elegant place surrounded by picturesque beauty is one of the best on the island.

The quiet atmosphere with wonderful beaches offers a lot to the couples where they can relax and spend some time with each other. If, you are also willing to take your love to heights, plan your honeymoon to Ko Lanta Yai Island.

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