Manaus – Enjoy An Adventurous And Thrilling Honeymoon Trip

The planning of a perfect wedding including all ceremonies is not considered as complete until you plan for a honeymoon. Honeymoon is considered as a traditional vacation after the wedding. The newlyweds are really excited about this trip and seek all sorts of fun, entertainment and adventure. So, it becomes important to select a fine destination offers the pleasures you are looking for. If you are somewhat adventurous and enjoy water activities, you can plan your romantic trip to Manaus. Manaus is considered as one of the largest city of Amazon, a centralized urban area in between a jungle. The city has several rewarding sites, including a beach and a museum. The pleasant city and its friendly environment offer a soothing environment to the couples to relax and enjoy.
You can also enjoy several adventures like tree climbing, camping in the dense forests and fishing in the Amazon River. One thing that should be kept in mind is that you should carry some vaccines and medicines in your bag pack while travelling to this place. The matter of the fact is that this place is the home to some dangerous mosquitoes and insects.

Get in 
Manaus is served by Aeroporto Internacional Eduardo Gomes Airport which offers regular international services all over the world. The domestic flights land at some smaller airports located in the region.  The tourists can reach this place boarding these flights.

Sites To Be Explored

1. Opera House
Opera House

This attractive house was built using the materials from all round the globe. As per the name this house was once visited by all the famous opera maestros and divas. There are guided tours available to this place which can be acquired by the couples. They can also be an audience of the frequent performances organized here.

2. The Meeting of the Waters
This site is one of the most visited and amazing site which you should visit. The remarkable sight of the mixing of slow dark waters of Rio Negro to the fast muddy waters of Rio Solimoes offers a great pleasure to the tourists. 

3. Mercado Adolpho Lisboa
Mercado Adolpho Lisboa

This site is a copy of the demolished hall in Les Halles. The copy of the hall is made up of iron and glass. The great architecture of this place is amazing and you can also spot some local fishes, vegetables and fruits. 

Some of the fine lodging options of Manaus are Caesar Business, Sleep Inn, chez les Rois, Park Suites Manaus and Quality Hotel Manaus. These hotels offer the best services to the guests.

So, for the couples who like some excitement and adventure, Manaus is a perfect honeymoon destination with lots of things to explore in Amazon.

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