Dresden – A Charming City With Amazing Natural Beauty And Art Wonders

Idyllic locations, top class museums, Baroque architecture, amazing castles is all about Dredsen, a magnificent location in Germany known for its wonderful tourist attractions and comfortable accommodation and eating facilities. This city is also known by the name of Florence at the Elbe due to its location. It beautifully rests on the banks of River Elbe and offers amazing sights of nature. 
Most of the tourist attractions located in Dresden are located at minimum distances and can be visited 
within a day or two. Apart from these attractions, the nearby places like Leipzig and Saxony are also worth exploring.

How to reach?
The international airport in Dresden is Dresden Airport that provides access in and out of Dresden. It was formerly known by the name of Flughafen Dresden-Klotzsche and receives flights from all the major parts of the world as well as flights from other cities like Berlin. The facility of charter plains is also available to reach this place.

Sites to visit

1. Opera House
Opera House

The Semper Opera House is an amazing place for the music enthusiasts. This place is not only a destination to enjoy a musical evening but it is also a sight to appreciate the amazing architecture and design of the building. Built in the year 1841, this centralized theatre is the place to enjoy some fine music.

2. Church of Our Lady
Also known as Frauenkirche, this church is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. It is due to the fact that its name is listed in the largest churches located in Europe. The architecture of this place is amazing. It was destroyed at the time of World War II and was rebuilt in the year 2004-2005.

3. Zwinger Palace
Zwinger Palace

This palace belongs to the 18th century and was designed in Rococo style. In the earlier years, it serves as an orangery, festival arena and exhibition gallery of Dresden. Situated next to Semper Opera, this museum is worth a visit. It comprises of a good number of museums with an old gallery and exhibits the great porcelain collections, scientific instruments and historical clocks.

Among the huge list of hotels, the ones that can be preferred by you include Park Plaza, Tulip Inn, Achat Hotel, Leonardo Hotel etc.

Dresden is an amazing place with wonderful tourist attractions that are located at small distances making it easier for tourists to explore this place. This compact city is really a place for a memorable holiday.

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