Leicester Square - An Amazing Honeymoon In The Land Of Exciting Movie Premiers

Leicester Square is an amazing place for a memorable honeymoon destination. It is located in the London area of Soho originally set out in 1670. It is a small city considered to be the home of some of the largest cinemas of London. The place is well-known for its outstanding movie premiers and its importance and influence can be very well seen from the statue of Charlie Chaplin.
Leicester Square
The historic Art deco Odeon is one of the major attractions for movie lovers. The place consists of some of the good nightclubs which offer an exciting nightlife.

Getting to the place
The London Heathrow Airport serves as the main airport to reach London. From the airport you can opt for the tubes which are best suited to reach Leicester Square. While travelling in the tube you can explore the scenic beauty of the place and spot the wonderful sights of the place.

Things To Do And See

  1. You can start with a visit to Chinatown, a short walk from Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.
    Piccadilly Circus
  2. The place best exhibits the Chinese culture and offers good Chinese meals.
  3. Both of you can go to the National Portrait Gallery and take pleasure of watching some of the beautiful master pieces by various artists.
  4. Piccadilly Circus, located on the top of the fountain is famous for its electric advertisements. Visiting this place adds an enthusiasm to your trip.
  5. You can watch a movie at the deco Odeon, a well known place for the movie premiers.
  6. There are some discount theatre ticket booths which offer you some discount and provide you an opportunity to enjoy a movie in any of the best theaters.
  7. You should not miss going to Trafalgar Square which deserves to be the site for lackluster New Year Celebrations. You can be a part of this celebration and enjoy on your trip with lots of music and drink.
  8. The nightlife here is rocking and the place here seems to be a hub of clubs and pubs. You can even find yourself lucky to meet some stars while moving around.
  9. Enjoying a picnic in a beautiful park, consisting of a fountain and attractive statues is best for the couples when the streets are too busy.


The Leicester Marriott Hotel
The Leicester Marriott Hotel

The Leicester Marriott Hotel is one of the best hotels centrally located in England. The hotel offers the best lodging and eating facilities, equipped with gym and swimming pool. Some other hotels which can be considered for a stay include the Trafalgar and Thistle Piccadilly.

Thus, the city of Leicester Square is a best destination for the couples interested in media and cinemas. Anyone can come here and have an exciting tour.

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