Best Fireworks to Enjoy On New Year

New Years Eve is approaching and one of the best ways of celebrating is to visit a place that offers you immense fun. This year you can celebrate your New Year 

watching the best fireworks in the world. The effect is a feast to ones eye and who wouldn’t like to enter into the New Year enjoying these. Some of the places that have the best fireworks are listed below:

Fireworks in London

  1. The fireworks take place along the bank of river Thames sharp at 12 before entering into the New Year.
  2. Westminster Bridge is the best place to view this. People start to gather around 4 pm and around 10 pm the gates are closed.
  3. The Southbank is mainly for the locals to hang about and view this place.


  1. The fireworks start here at 12 in the night and continue till early morning.
  2. This takes place along the Strabe between Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column.

Taipei Fireworks

  1. Taiwan’s capital does a wonderful job and celebrates New Year twice, once on the 31st December and then on the Last month of the year.
  2. The square below Taipei is a great location to view the gorgeous fireworks.
  3. Rainbow Riverside Park is another location from where you can view these.

New York

  1. Times Square is the best place to view these. Millions of people from around the globe gather here.
  2. Alcohol is strictly banned here.
  3. It is quiet cold so one should be well clad to avoid discomfort.
  4. Another place called the Grand Academy Plaza in Brooklyn has its own fireworks.

Las Vegas

  1. Also called the sin city, it leaves you dazzled after witnessing the fireworks.
  2. There are more than 80,000 fireworks.
  3. The Las Vegas Monorail is the best spot to view the fireworks.

Rio De Jenario
Firework in Rio

  1. A beach called the Copacabana is the best place to witness the fireworks.
  2. It is only a sixteen minute long act.
  3. There is loud music and much more to enjoy even after the show is over.

These were some of the best places to go and visit during holidays as well as witness the best fireworks on New Year’s Eve.              


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