The Princess Of Hill Stations - Kodaikanal

Kodiakanal is also known as the princess of hill stations. With the utmost beauty everyone is left mesmerized with this beautiful place. Popular as a honeymoon destination, Kodiakanal stands 7200 feet above the sea level in Tamil Nadu.
Tamil Nadu is a beautiful place in itself and Kodiakanal adds more charm to the beauty. Many newly wedded couples are seen in Kodiakanal as it is a popular honeymoon destination.

How To Reach Kodaikanal

It totally depends on you which option you like.

• By plane - For some height lovers one can reach this beautiful place by air. The nearest airport is in Madurai, which is about 120 kilometers away.
• By train - For enjoying the natural beauty of this place one can reach by train as well. Long routes are made in such a way that it will cover almost everything.
• By bus - By bus, this remains the cheapest mode of transportation. You can sing songs or enjoy silently on a corner window seat in a bus.
• By road/self drive - By road or by self drive one can reach this place as well, it has well constructed roads and the view while you drive with yourself is just amazing. The soothing feeling this place provides can only be felt and not explained.

Forests Lovers, This Is For You

Kodiakanal Forest
If you love traveling through the high trees and muddy areas of a forest Kodiakanal is meant for you. It is dedicated to a fan of forests.One can take bath in a splashing waterfall and even go cycling in between the forests. From travelling to adventure, Kodiakanal has it all.

Admirers Of Nature
For people, who love to admire the beauty of nature and are looking for a calm and beautiful place, prefer Kodiakanal. It is the best hangout place for people who love nature. Many nature admirers are seen traveling in Kodiakanal. In fact old aged people love this place so much that some have even decided to settle in Kodiakanal.

Best Time To Visit Kodaikanal
Kodiakanal Hillstation

The best time to visit Kodiakanal is between April to June. If you want to feel the real beauty of this place, try visiting at this time which is the most thrilling and adventurous time of the year to visit Kodiakanal. Some people even claim that this place has been designed by god himself, which adds a compliment to the beauty of this place.

Christmas With Horse Riding And Much More In Durango

Ever wanted to try horseback riding or fly fishing and rafting? Yes Durango is the perfect place to fulfill all your fantasy in Durango there is one famous place which is also called as the Four Corners Region; here one can easily play outdoor games without any trouble. If you are planning to visit Durango; do visit Four Corners Region. Durango in also known to be a place for celebrations of Christmas, people here are very enthusiastic when it comes to Christmas. Since winters people from everywhere come and initiate the celebrations of Christmas. Whole Durango lights up when Christmas is near.
And on the day the view is remarkable. If anyone who has been planning to celebrate Christmas in a different way this time, should visit Durango.

Skies And Much more-
Vintage Hotels
  • This destination is meant for skiers. Snow filled mountains provide the best possible atmosphere for skiers.
  • They appreciate the beauty as well as possess this sport here in Durango.
  • The place is famous for the end number of restaurants. Food quality is nice and nobody fears to eat anything in any of the restaurants. With the local food and different food items being offered one can never feel away from home. Vintage hotels are also here, which are however now more of a tourist attraction

Some main tourist’s attractions are mentioned below-

Animas River Valley
Animas River Valley

  • Golden fly fish is the main attraction here,
  • people often feel lucky spotting one golden fish.

Durango Mountain Resort

  • The cliffs dwelling present here are secured by U.N.E.S.C.O. Here the skiers perform their sport.

Main Avenue

  • The place where one can get everything. From clothes to food, everything is present here.
  • The world’s first mountain bike championship was hosted by Durango in the year 1990.

Different Means Of Transportation-

Since Durango is a well developed place, transportation has kept improving day by day. One needs not to worry about the transportation while he or she is enjoying the best days in Durango.

One can reach Durango by following means of transport-

By Air-many airports are present by which one can reach; one of them is the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

By Bus- buses are available everywhere and it gets more easy to travel in a bus as one can enjoy the natural beauty of the place as well. Every bus usually works from 6; 30 am to 6; 30 pm.