Kerala – Feel The Touch Of Nature In This Beautiful Paradise

Rightfully known as God’s own country, it is a southern state in India offering its tourists white sandy beaches and dense wildlife. It is one of the few places left in India which has not been invaded by the rapid pace of urbanization. From cruising along the waters in Houseboats, to exploring the local cuisine and culture, Kerala has retained its natural habitat through the ages. It is the most literate state in India due to which you can find friendly locals and a welcoming atmosphere for tourists and outsiders.
Known especially for its backwaters, boating has become one of the most popular attractions for tourists. The local language is mostly Malayalam. However, you can find a good number of people able to speak English, Hindi and Tamil. Due to many coasts and water bodies available, the coastal areas are usually occupied by fishermen. 

Being the root of ayurveda and natural medicine, a good number of visitors are attracted who want to experience the relaxing massages and the natural treatments. Tourists and visitors can safely enjoy their stay as it is considered as one of the safest places to be in India. 

Getting there
There are three airports in Kerala in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode operating many international and national flights as well. There is good connectivity with other airports and places, and for outsiders, getting in by plane is the quickest and easiest way. There are more than 300 trains available that connect Kerala to different parts of India. This is the most common mode of transportation. There are many railway stations in Kerala and you can plan your trip accordingly. As it is well connected by highways and good road, getting in the state by car or taxi is also a valid option for many.

Places of Interest

1. Backwaters

These are criss-cross of rivers, shallow pools and lagoons which makes Kerala one of the most popular holiday destinations .The districts of Alappuzha and Kottayam are the most notable when it comes to backwaters. Another major source of attraction for tourists is the regular boat races that are held in these backwaters. 

2. Mountains and Hills
The numerous lining hills of the Western Ghats create some of the most demanded and beautiful hill station in India such as Munnar and Wayanad. 

3. Beaches

Kerala is lined with many beaches, some of the most popular being Kovalam beach, Alappuzha beach and Kozhikode beach offering tourists a breathtaking view of the sea and culture.

The friendly atmosphere and the many attractions have made Kerala one of the most sought after tourism destinations in India. With a high rate of literacy and development, tourists can feel at ease and be free to explore the state.