Lennox Head – An Ultimate Romantic Jewel In The Australian Region

Honeymoon is a traditional vacation which is generally enjoyed by the couples after marriage. The ultimate aim of these vacations is to relax after the hectic schedule of the various ceremonies during marriage and it also helps them in getting close to each other. Planning a trip to a place offering all the romantic charms and activities results in a strong relationship. One such place is Lennox Head considered as the jewel of Australia.
Lennox Head
With the relaxed atmosphere, aromatic restaurants and long stretched beaches this place offers lots of adventures and delights. The couples can enjoy leisurely walks along the beaches and also visit Pat Morton located at the tip of Lennox Head offering spectacular views of the entire town.

Reaching Lennox Head
The Ballina Byron Gateway Airport offers flights from Sydney and Melbourne. These airways provide easy access to Lennox Head. The airports offer the services of shuttle buses which drop off the visitors to their destination. The Gold Coast Airport located at Coolangatta also offers domestic flights to this place.

Things to do and see

1. Byron Bay Buggy Tours
Byron Bay Buggy Tours

The couples can enjoy the buggy cruising at the open tops of the city. The whole ride is filled with adventure and thrill giving the experience of a roller coaster. This tour also includes the sightseeing of the amazing scenery of this place and gain knowledge of the picturesque Byron Bay.

2. Swimming and surfing
This place is rated among the top breaks for swimming and surfing. The protected waters of this region are excellent for surfers, windsurfers and sailboarding. You can have some thrill with your partner and also prevail opportunities of viewing tropical fishes, shellfish and other crustaceans. You can also view the Moat. It is the reef region of the southern coast.

3. Dolphin and whale watching
Dolphin and whale watching

Pat Morton Lookout is the best spot where you can easily see the whales. This Lennox Headland region is a famous spot among the visitors for sightseeing of the migrating whales. You can also go for fishing in this regions and an early fishing trip can avail you with the opportunity of viewing dolphins.


Relax in style
Relax in style

This luxurious hotel with its outstanding architecture is considered as a nice staying place. This elegant lodge is well furnished and its location provides stunning landscapes of the beautiful mountains. The bedrooms are spacious with large balconies. There is also a pool in the hotel premises with the best dining facilities. All amenities including large bathtubs and green gardens provide a romantic stay to the couples.

The comfortable stays, stunning landscapes and several thrills offered by Lennox Head makes this place a perfect romantic destination. If you want to have a memorable honeymoon, do plan a trip to this place.