Coffs Harbour – Enjoy A Thrilling Honeymoon Trip To The Land Of Bananas

The newlyweds generally get excited when it comes to plan for a honeymoon tour.  This is because it is the first time when they are going to spend some time with their partner. Everyone’s dream is to have a trip which becomes their life long memory. This trip helps them in increasing their intimacy and spends some moments filled with romance with their spouse. Thus, the selection of a perfect romantic destination is very important which offers all the delights expected by the couples. If planning for such a trip you can select Coffs Harbour as our destination.
Coffs Harbour
Also known as the Big Banana this place offers all sorts of thrill, excitement and romantic sites which can be explored by you. The place is well known for its stunning beaches, lush hinterland and picturesque beauty. 

Reaching Coffs Harbour
This place receives flights from the major domestic and international regions. The airport is generally known after the after the name of the airlines that is Coffs Coast. This is the major airport serving this place. Other airlines which serve this place include Virgin Australia, Qantas and Brindabella Airlines.

Places to explore

1. The Big Banana
The Big Banana

Coffs Harbour is also called as the Big Banana, as this land is the major producer of banana. The hillsides and the surrounding regions are densely covered by banana plantations. There is a fun park in this region known by the same name and offers sky walks across the plantation. You can also enjoy the world’s largest waterslide ride with your partner located in this park.

2. Mutton Bird Island
This is a unique island situated at Coffs Harbour. This place acts as a reserve for the exotic Wedge Tailed Shearwater and Mutton Bird, which live here in their natural habitat and breed. There is a broad pathway constructed in between the island which makes it possible for the visitors to explore the island and view the habitat of the birds.

3. Dolphin watching tours
Dolphin watching tours

The time period between June and November is the migratory period for whales and dolphins. The couples can have magnificent views of the whales and dolphins sitting at the beach or can go for boat tours and see the whales breeching in the waters.

There are several romantic gateways for the couples in this region. The list for the best hotels and lodges includes Aanuka Beach Resort, the Pacific Bay Resort, Opal Sands Villa, Sapphire Seas Beachhouse, Villa Vivante and Kasuari Luxury Beach Villa. The Baron of Beef Bistro is the best restaurant of Coffs providing the best dining facilities to the couples.

The above article contains all the relevant information regarding Coffs Harbour. If you are looking ahead to plan a honeymoon trip, make sure of the early bookings and enjoy to the fullest.