Have An Entertaining Honeymoon Tour In Hollywood

Hollywood, the name itself takes you to the land of movies and great artists. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a honeymoon at this wonderful place. Hollywood is located in California in the Los Angeles region. It is the historical center for the movie studios and stars.

The vibrant nightlife, various theme parks, rich culture, the Hollywood glitz, surrounding beaches and mountains are the major attractions of this place. Thus, it is the best place where you can plan your honeymoon.

Reaching Hollywood
The Los Angeles International Airport is the main airport which provides an easy access to Hollywood. The couples can make early bookings in the flights and reach in here. There is another airport named Bob Hope Airport, situated in Burbank which also offers flights to this place.

Things to do and see

1. Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign, situated on Mount Lee is one of the major attractions for the visitors. You can drive with your partner to this place and view this sign from different angles. Taking a photograph with the symbol of Hollywood behind you would add to your memories.

2. Griffith Observatory
It is the main landmark which displays the wonders of the space. This observatory exhibits The Big Picture which represents the astronomical image of the sky at night. There is also an arrangement which displays the heavenly objects including the planets. The couples can have fun visiting this artificial universe.

3. Walk of Fame
Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was created in honor of Johnny Grant. Situated along the Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard, you can easily spot a series of great stars standing in the sidewalks. It would be highly exciting if you are lucky enough to spot a great star and have his autograph.

4. Cahuenga Corridor
It is one of the rocking nightclubs of the area where you can go with your partner and enjoy on the dance floor with drinks in your hands. This place is the venue for several Hollywood parties including the restaurant and the bars.

Magic Castle Hotel

The name Hollywood reflects the lavish lifestyle with luxuries. As the name suggests this place is the center of some of the luxurious hotels offering the best services to the guests. Some of the fabulous hotels are Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa, Magic Castle Hotel, Hollywood Celebrity Hotel and Hollywood Heights Hotel. These hotels are best suited for the couples with facilities of large rooms decorated with flowers and scented candles to provide a romantic environment to the newlyweds.

The city of Hollywood in itself is an amazing place. The name itself attracts visitors towards itself. So, you can also plan your honeymoon to this place and enjoy to your extreme.