Porto Alegre - Come Where Serenity And Tranquillity Meet In Brazil

The beautiful town of Porto Alegre is the southernmost capital city in the Brazilian state Rio Grande do sul and a very progressive town due to a great political history. The city lies on the banks of Lagoa dos Patos, where five rivers converge to form this beautiful land. Amidst this nature’s beauty, the city is a birthplace of grand, neo-classical architecture which date back to early 18th century.
Porto Alegre
The city is brimming with activity during the day provides ample avenues for all night revelry too. Besides a wide range of cultural events and carnivals take place all year long.

Getting there:
Port Alegre is well connected by air and land. The nearest airport Salgado Filho is located 6 kms downtown, which connects major towns of Brazil and the rest of South America. This place is well accessible by bus as interconnectivity between states is very good. It has a well developed single line metro, hence getting around is easy.

Major Attractions:

1. Linha Tourismo
Linha Tourismo

It is a great way to start sightseeing. It is a tourist bus that takes you around 11 neighbourhood places including the parks, statues, hospitals and churches providing audio tapes in three languages.

2. Rio Grande Do Sul Museum of Arts
Built in an eclectic style, this museum houses some of the largest collection of arts in the country.

3. Ibere Camagro Foundation
This place not only has a great collection of arts by the artist Ibere Camagro, but also offers a great view of the downtown and Guiaba River as well.

4. Rio Grande do sul Memorial
Rio Grande do sul Memorial

This museum has a fine eclectic architecture and also has a great collection of stamps, coins, objects and prints related to state history.

5. Port Alegre Botanical Garden
This beautiful garden is spread across 42 hectares and harbours a lot of flora and fauna species, apart from having a huge, Sapling Terrarium, seed bank and germ plasma bank.

6. Saint Hilaire Park
Saint Hilaire Park

The vastness of this park coupled with great infrastructure has well developed football fields, bowling fields, volleyball courts, aero modelling and skating tracks among various other sporting activities. It is named after scientist Augustin Saint- Hilaire, a renowned French traveller.

Porto Alegre is an amazing destination in Brazil that can be a perfect holiday destination for you. The amazing sightseeing and historical monuments etc. make this place worth a visit. So, do plan a trip to this place and earn lifetime memories.