A Classic Holiday Trip To The City Of Georgia

Georgia is a stunning place located in the USA and is known for its delicious food, legendary hospitality and local wines. This place is centrally located and offers access to some top notch tourist destinations in the USA. You can either hire a car and go exploring the endless beauty of this place or visit a winery and taste some local wine. The people here are very friendly and you can experience their outstanding hospitality by staying in the guest-houses run by the families. There is so much for both the children as well as adults.
The nearby places that can be explored by you during your trip include the Savannah which is well known for its safaris, the 
Georgia Aquarium, guided tours for tasting wine and beverages etc.

Reaching Georgia
The major international airport that offers flights to this place is located in Tblisi which is just 18 kilometers from the city. Soviet-era airport was the old airport which is now linked to the new one. The backpackers can easily visit this place by booking tickets to the flights that land to this destination.

Places To Explore

1. Stone Mountain Park
Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain park can be looked upon as a theme park, however it also incorporates an untamed forest area. It is spread in about 3,200 acres of land and comprises of two large golf courses, natural trails of around 15 miles, Swiss cable car and rope climbing activities. There is so much for fun and adventure in this park that you will enjoy to the fullest.

2. Georgia Aquarium 
Visiting Georgia aquarium is the most interesting thing that you can do. The aquarium incorporates around 120,000 fishes and you can have an opportunity to view some exotic species of fishes that you have never seen.

3. Amicalola Falls
Amicalola Falls

Considered as the tallest waterfall of the southeastern US, this place is really mesmerizing. The backpackers can enjoy sightseeing of the breathtaking views of the scenery and relax in the peaceful environment.

Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel

Georgia offers innumerable delights to the visitors with plethora of hotels available in different budget ranges. The list of hotels which can be taken into consideration include the Hotel Elegant, Batumi World palace, Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Hotel Crystal Etc. These hotels top the list of hotels here and you can book a room in any one of them to enjoy the best hospitality of the country. 

The local wines and traditional food here is really relishing and you will really love spending some time here in your vacations.