Latest virtual reality gear with motion controller

There can be nothing more better option than Samsung vr gear to experience the virtual reality. Samsung is known for innovations in the range of Smartphones. Its VR gear is awesome and helps in creating a new world for the users of Smartphone. VR gears are highly helpful in getting closer to the realities that actually do not exist. This type of devices is the great innovation for those who are fond of watching movies or online videos on their Smartphone. In latest, Samsung has come up with an upgrade in its VR device. Now, a new feature of Motion control is also available in Samsung virtual reality gear.  This new gear is compatible with all the Galaxy models of Samsung Smartphone supporting VR. The addition of motion controller in VR gear has made this device more interesting for the customers.

Performance features of VR gear
Samsung Virtual Reality gear has a lens with features like field of view, interpupillary distance and eye relief features which prevent stress on your eyes.  It will allow you to view 360-degree photos and videos. You just have to sit on your chair and enjoy a great experience of entering into the virtual world.  It has the head tracking feature with sampling rate 1000Hz. Gyroscope / Accelerometer and Proximity sensor are the main sensors in VR  gear. Your Samsung phone can be connected through USB Type-C and micro USB.

VR gear can be easily worn on the head to experience the virtual reality. Samsung VR gear is engineered in such a way that the wearer feels it light in weight. There is a strong strap to securely fix the device on your eyes. It is designed perfectly to make it fit on your facial structure and the foam cushioning completely blocks the light from all the corners and enables you to have a great experience of watching videos and playing games.

Use of the controller
The controller can be used for navigation through the Oculus Home site on the VR gear and allows the users to play the games with more excitement. With the help of motion controller, the motions of the games can be controlled in all the directions which make it a wonderful experience of enjoying the game. It enables you to control your weapons during the play, fire with your virtual gun or just move an object in any direction.  If you are fond of playing games on VR gears then you will surely like the flexibility offered by Samsung to have full control on your actions while playing.

Stylish design of motion controller with VR gear

Controllers with VR gear are wireless which makes them very handy to use. You can hold it in your hand and move your hand in all the directions. The motion controller is designed for 101 degrees angle view which gives you a wider view through the large high-quality lens. It has stylish ergonomics which makes it as an ideal option for holding in one hand. The trigger is placed at the end of the controller.  For high performance, gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetic sensors are installed in the controller.